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Thread: My theory on what happened to the bees...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasjit View Post
    nice throy it kinda does make sense to me but i went through a period of time not too long ago where i listened to steven quayle who sed the illuminati is going to release cannibalistic giants to kill humanity this bee theory is normal compared to that
    ha, it's funny you should mention that...they have these giant bio-eaters that can basically run on dead flesh that are being developed in conjunction with FEMA, so the idea isn't that far-fetched as you may believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GHOSTLACED View Post
    What? are you trying to say they are hiding all the bees underground in prep for letting them free underground to pollinate trees, underground?

    Are you on crack son?

    They are just dying from hive collapse sydrome, less hives, less bees. Idk what your talking about when you say "they are vanishing, no trace" wtf???
    That literally made me laugh out loud. Good observation though.

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    colony collapse disorder (CCD) has many attributing factors, mainly pesticides, disease from malnutrition and spread from novice beekeepers, cell phone radiation masts, GM crops and many other pest control practises.

    Isreal acute paralysis virus is also being studied, bees normally die outside of the hive from this condition.

    bottom line is there is so many combination of factors currently working against the honeybees, that its inevitable they are gonna run into problems built up from many causes.

    I think the main reason is the dozens of different pesticides that are sprayed all over the same crop, over and over, is the most obvious cause of stress in the hive, malnutrition, and eventually failure of the hive through spread of disease. Beekeepers looking to make money who dont reall know what they are doing are also contributing to the problem, as any disease in a farm hive will evetually spread out to the whole local area and beyond.


    Its all here^^. Theres no wacky "conspiracy" needed, the amount of causes Bees have for problems are huge already without the need of a conspiracy.

    The theory they are being "stolen" by men in black suits all over the world is very low on the list lol. Especially when you can just farm bees yourself.

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