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Thread: Synchronicity

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    Default Synchronicity

    anyone here experienced Synchronicitys in full effect 24/7

    anyone ever get the feeling they are on sumthing like the "truman show"


    your watching sumthing on TV and sumthing is pointed out to u, 2 mins later u recieve a phone call asking u about this particualr think u just seen on tv, then 5mins later sumone else asks u the same thing..

    repeat this scenario numerous times daily and u get Synchronicity
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    as i understand it, the phenom u describe is your 3rd eye focusing on a connection between certain objects or issues.

    you come across plenty of related things all the time but your mind does not always draw a connection.

    with training, its possible to see the connecting lines between everything in the universe.

    that is the reality of reality...EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED.

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    Life is a mirror. every thought, decision and action you make is reflected/ manifested through your life. I thought I understood this, but it took me 10 years to really do so.

    thats the vibe i got from your post anyway

    5 years ago, there was this italian colleage i used to hang out with. thought he was cool until he started talking a bout a big conspiracy around him, cameras in his house, people follwing him. One night he confronted me telling me i was one of "them". that was the weirdest conversation in my life ever lol

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    carl jung>sigmund freud

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    why is that? serious question. I don't know anything about both. dont have time to read anymore books either.

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    All synchronistic phenomena can be grouped under three categories:

    1 The coincidence of a psychic state in the observer with a simultaneous objective, external event that corresponds to the psychic state or content, (e.g. the scarab), where there is no evidence of a causal connection between the psychic state and the external event, and where, considering the psychic relativity of space and time, such a connection is not even conceivable.

    2. The coincidence of a psychic state with a corresponding (more or less simultaneous) external even taking place outside the observer's field of perception, i.e. at a distance, and only verifiable afterward.

    3. The coincidence of a psychic state with a corresponding, not yet existent future event that is distant in time and can likewise only be verified afterward.

    Two Fundamental Types of Synchronicity

    1. One in which the compensatory activity of the archetype is experienced both inwardly and outwardly. [the event seems to emerge from the subconscious with access to absolute knowledge, which cannot be consciously known]

    2. One in which the compensatory activity of the archetype is experienced outwardly only. [these convey to the ego a much-needed wholeness of the self's perspective, they show one a new perspective]

    Essential Characteristics of the Synchronistic Event

    1. The specific intrapsychic state of the subject defined as one of the following:

    a) The unconscious content which, in accordance with the compensatory needs of the conscious orientation, enters consciousness [something is in our conscious]

    b) The conscious orientation of the subject around which the compensatory synchronistic activity centers [something happens concerning what is in our mind]

    2. An objective event corresponds with this intrapsychic state [may be literal or figurative correspondence]

    a) The objective event as a compensatory equivalent to the unconscious compensatory content

    b) The objective event as the sole compensatory of the ego-consciousness

    3. Even though the intrapsychic state and the objective event may be synchronous according to clock time and spatially near to each other, the objective event may, contrary to this, be distant in time and/or space in relation to the intrapsychic state [as in telepathy, clairvoyance, etc.]

    4. The intrapsychic state and the objective event are not causally related to each other [acausality]

    5. The synchronistic event is meaningful [excludes some coincidence, but does not require the meaning to be understood]

    a) The intrapsychic state and the objective event as meaningful parallels.

    b. The numinous charge associated with the synchronistic experience [feeling of spiritual experience]

    c. Import of the subjective-level interpretation [the content must reflect back on the issues of the individual]

    d. The archetypal level of meaning [transcends the individual and implies absolute knowledge].

    source: http://www.crystalinks.com/synchronicity.html
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