Now i am not an atheist, but i don't belong to any specific religion, i believe in the metaphysical, i personally believe in reincarnation, but i also believe in the principal that anything metaphysical is true to you if you believe in it. Therefore i respekt any one religious as long that you also respekt everyone elses opinions and belief, no matter how stupid they may seem to you, i rely on the definition of metaphysics that they can't be proofed, no one can proof that the world was created by god (or anything else really.) Therefore i don't understand people fighting over religion or people saying things like "well if there where no god, how was the world created" or atheists saying "well if god was real how come we got so much shit." again there is no proof that god excist nor is there any proof that god don't excist that's my problem with both sides, let me know if you agree or let me know what you believe.