"Did you know that there is power within you that needs to be released? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that Allah (God) is the Self-Created; He was not begotten. To prove His Self-Creation, He makes all living things bear witness to His Self-Creation. When a woman says that she is pregnant, that means that something happened between her last cycle and the one that she missed. She was not conscious of what was going on; therefore, she had nothing to do with it except to provide an egg. And the man had nothing to do with it except that he provided a sperm. But in the sperm was intelligence. It knew exactly what to do; it started seeking what it was to do something with, and found what it was looking for. The first cell of life began without mom or dad knowing what was happening. The intelligence in the first cell of life was Allah (God) Himself."
-Minister Louis Farrakhan

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