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Thread: Protect And Serve???

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    Default Protect And Serve???

    Say what you will about President Obama and his policies. I can say for myself, I am not happy with many of them and have been quite vocal. His recent cowtowing around the issue of healthcare and the public option has got me angry. Now in the world of politics, dissent even if its loud and boisterous is fair game.

    New York City Councilman Charles Barron once told me, in politics you go hard and beat up your opponent on the issues, but at the end of the day you remain civil and even friends. In short, politics is a contact sport and not a whole lot of folks have the stomach for it. You go hard but there are lines you don’t cross.

    With the election of President Obama, lines are being crossed everyday. We’ve seen folks with guns and rifles showing up at rallies where the President is speaking. He’s gotten an unprecedented number of threats on his life. He’s been the subject of racist cartoons. The most recent affront comes from two Ohio police dispatchers who saw nothing wrong with passing around an email containing a doctored photo of AirForce One where the tail letters spell out the word nigger.
    Now its annoying enough when ordinary citizens who are angry with President Obama resort to using racial slurs to talk about him. Its outright disturbing when people working in law enforcement do the same thing. If they see President Obama as a nigger imagine how they see the citizenry they are supposed to protect and serve. What are these folks serving? Mayhem and misery?

    This new racial assault from tax payer supported police personnel comes on the heals of a Cambridge cop writing an op ed piece where he called the President’s friend Professor Henry Louis Gates a ‘jungle monkey’. That officer was fired, but is appealing the decision. That incident came on the heals of a lawsuit filed by Black officers in Philadelphia about a popular website called Domelights used by white officers where they routinely make racially charged remarks about the people they encounter while on patrol. The final straw was when white officers referred to a group of young kids who were denied entrance into a country club swimming pool, ‘jungle monkeys’.
    As KRS-One once famously asked in a song when reffrring to out of control police- ‘Who Protects Us from U’ ?
    -Davey D-
    Post Racial America? Yeah right! Look at the "tail number" of this plane that North Canton Police Dispatcher Anita Malachowski( amalachowski@northcantonpolice.org ) sent to an undisclosed amount of people. So this is what our tax dollars are paying for!

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    one thing that made me support obama was his spearheading of police accountability and oversight in IL as it pertains to profiling.

    he lobbied to get a laws passed that require the police to document the demographics of who they pull over and who they run IDs of. regardless of whether an arrest was made or not.

    but yeah we knew this was gonna go down like this when he entered the pres race.

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