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    sup yall.. Yo i need some help.. See i'm not an mc, but i try to rhyme at times so i need some advice/tips..

    how do you look at rhyming? do you look at it like bar 1 is one full sentence in english? But sometimes it's broken up where it's not like that.. I think maybe i look at ryhming to much like a sentence?? How do you look at it?

    Also any definitions of rhymeing techniques or what have you would be cool if someone droped it..

    what are words called that sound like they rhyme but dont?

    Any tips welcomed

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    the best way to write and come up wit styles and flows is to hear the BEAT. if you listen to any of the greates hip-hop songs, the beat is the highlight of the track.
    the rhymes just coincide wit the vibe.

    sometimes u mite hear an ill verse but the beat is slackin, vice versa. and when that happens it wont connect

    so ummm just connect

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    rhyming is an expression of your self. do it how you want. period. all of us are not meant to do this and you will never know until you try. dont cry over other's opinions, just do you.
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