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it is never easy to take the truth to start with. It takes a lot of patience, tolerance and a well groomed mind.

I have to respectfully disagree. The truth isn't hard to accept, what's hard is the person letting go of the lie, not accepting the truth. The truth is the easy part, it's what comes after the truth that's difficult.

The importance of making your own way to research, analyse and learn from the past/present, will slowly allow you to paint your own picture of the truth.

I was reading descartes today and in one of his letters he correctly mentioned that:

"truth by itself is so little respected"...

The truth stands alone so what does the truth need to be respected? It's not the truth that's not being respected, it's the person's lack of knowledge that doesn't allow for respect. When the truth isn't present, then the lie can exist. The lie is believed to be the truth and the truth is unknown so that which is unknown will not be respected like that. Knowledge is to respect.

For the benefit of doubt, whether the worthy characters (excluding stupid britney remarks) were black or not, must be researched and studied and not foolishly sidestepped. Especially if the probability that they lived in areas where the skin-tone would be far different than that of western europe.

Nice to see zooroka dropping bombs