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But Jay, Kanye, 50, and i think Rakim have nothing to do with that at all.......
Rakim did preform at rock the bells. May have not been this year but that dont matter.

my point is, i feel like real emcce's are tired of wack dudes running shit and are finally starting bring it back and put balance back in the game. Jay was not a part of rock the bells true. I added him only becuase imo what he did at the award show was hudge just for the simple fact that he does have a commercial following.

all my examples were points to why i felt there was a movement going on. If you think that Em album was worth the plastic it was wrapped in then either i heard the wrong cd or we just look at hip hop differently. To me, that ablum was trash. He could be so much more than getting balls dropped on his chin or tryna battle Mariah Carey. but hey, i aint gunna hate on a dude for trying to sell records. And i aint gunna call you ignorant or anything else cuz i aint got time to argue wit niggas over the internet.

you dont agree, cool. keep it moving.