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Thread: Spike Lee's Miracle At St Anna

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    ^^^you know you can't slide without examples

    because he's had white characters who were ignorant or bigoted in his films before he's making 'examples' of them?

    so any director that's only featured black people as criminals or background floor sweepers/waiters/ whatever is making examples of them too? come on man...

    spike's track record for handling white characters is alot better/more consistent than other famous directors handlings of black/'minority' characters. if spike lee's racist for that, than so is kevin smith (for example--see chasing amy, jay and silent bob strikes back, and zack and miri make a porno) for his black characters (i don't believe this i'm just making a comparison), and the tons of directors who never have any non white characters of note in their films. (richard linklater, paul thomas anderson--people who's work i adore but they probably don't give a fuck about diversity in their casting)

    and yes, john woo's hong kong movies have the most beautiful choreographed gunplay i've ever seen in cinema.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandemic View Post
    ^^^did he call him racist though or just calling him out for playing the hollywood white washing game? i had never heard about this controversy before this thread, it's interesting...even if he did, i don't understand how you could have beef with the work over interview comments...it doesn't effect the merit of the film itself (i know i'm kind of contradicting myself based on some of my comments about tarantino)
    the point of the film was to shove up Eastwoods ass...and i was semi serious...that shit didnt affect how i felt about the films craft.

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