Hello wu fam I have been in the world grinding getting building as usual and during the travels I have been able to receive a bag of red pillz to share with all of you . Get you water ready and fall back as you know the hood is fucked up and the schools don't really have a impact on the community there are high drop out rates and more teen pregnacies. It seems as tho going to prison is the new fad slash culture taken controle of the minds of the youth these days you can be grand parent @ the age of 30 all that to say this society is alowly but surley getting worst and who do we have to blame. Well I say the goverment is one and second place goes to us . Meaning that we idolise jail culture the kids get locked up and go to juvenile detention where I'm from we call it baby bookings. Inside of baby bookings the kids are being trained by the state to adapt to real prison life the kids are from the ages of 10 to 18 and maybe even 21. When they come in they have x box hdtv cable and some good ass food plus snacks. They go to school have. Free medical and dental. Sadly enough to say but a lot of them live better there then there own homes. So when they get released I hate to say it but they are more likely to keep comming back when they get older they tend to still deal with crime and end up in the big house which inturn dosent phase them because they are already bred for that envirement now the other sad part about this is that the adult prison system. Houses a lot of there parents. So they are the off springs of criminals. So some scientist believe that criminal behaviour is in the dna. The kids are being raised by career criminals and so there mentality is criminal minded. This. Is a viciouse cycle that has been systematicaly designed by the goverment. Did you know that the prisons go to the public schools and do surveys on children at the age of 5. And build prisons. Based on there surveys. That's fucked. Right but wait it gets worst the prisons are a new age sweat shop plus they will be picken up the slack for busines like motor companies they will haveprisoners building the cars and everything else its that 13th admendment. Shit. Slave of the state. So if your wondering why the hood is so messed up it because by design it has a prison mentality. And sad enough to say a lot of kids have adhd. And are also by polar so when they are in the detention center. They receive meds but being as tho they come from broke families they vcant continue treatment so that's when the epills. Weed and alchohol play a big part in there lifes but the the third party is to blame which is the media. Because. They help promote this shit as if its normal society is sick and twisted because the schools and prisons work together to create a race of career criminal tÝ help fuel there multibillion dollar corperation called prison and the poor is the literal human resource. That fuels the machine. Hiphop has become. Another method of prison recruitment. Led by agents such as lil wayne gucci mane etc........ they are. The mentors for a fuck up streetlife that helps direct the youth to become slaves of the state they use us to enslave our own. So thehood is filled with people whith people who are predetermined by birth to go to jail. That s a fucken shame