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Thread: Takashi Miike

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    Thumbs up Takashi Miike

    For yall who may not be in the know. Takashi Miike is one of the hardest working and most popular Japanese filmmakers today. Some people actually refer to him as "The Japanese Tarantino" because his films are often fast, stylish, very violent and the break a lot of rules as far as films go.
    Ive seen about 30 of his films and the man is a sheer genius. Not only does he make a awesome yakuza movie (Yakuza=Japanese mafia) but he can make fantasy, regular action films, Horror films, Drama films, and even TV series.

    If you are into Tarantino type flicks and movies that are in your face and have a insane style be sure to check some of these out they will blow your mind:

    (Look some of these trailers up on youtube, just type in Takashi Miike and the name of the film and they should have the trailers)

    Dead Or Alive 2 (The story has nothing to do with the American Dead or Alive film, NOR does it have anything to do with Takashi Miikes first Dead Or Alive film so you can watch part 2 *its FAR better than the 1st.

    Gozu= Insane trippy movie about a Yakuza man whose world gets turned upside down and inside out into insanity (GREAT flick)

    Ichi The Killer= For all you homies who like a lot of blood in your films THIS IS YOUR MOVIE! Its probably Takashi Miikes best known film in America because its so notorious for its violence.

    Audition= Story about a stalker whos CRAZY!

    Visitor Q= The story of a VERY dysfunctional family. VERRRYYYY dysfunctional!

    Happiness Of The Katakuris= A film about a family who owns a bed and breakfast in the country but every person who stays the night dies, they bury them and they become zombies. There is dancing, claymation, zombies, musical numbers, trippy directing and is overall PLAIN kooky. Its a VERY Japanese film though.

    If youre new to Miike be sure to see "Ichi The Killer", "Audition", "Gozu", and Dead Or Alive 2.

    For all of yall whove seen Miikes films, what do you think of the director and his work and whats your fav film and why?

    Personally i love Gozu because its very strange and david lynchy and has perhaps the craziest ending in a film i have ever seen EVER and Ive seen a lot of flicks.

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