Kids become violent by watching tv and listening to rap music and doing what their ignorant friends do. I really don't blame tv and rap music for making kids violent because i watch a lot of action violent movies and listen to rap music and i'm not a violent person. Besides i'm not a follower like kids that are violent. Kids that are violent are followers and not leaders. Plus if a kid is being abused by their parents or a stranger, that can make them become violent also. Look at Jodie Foster's character in The Brave One movie and Charles Bronson's character in Death Wish movies as a example. Jodie and Charles weren't violent people but because of what happened to them in those movies, they became violent. Sometimes people have to do that but you have to understand what the consequences will be when you behave like that. I know a lot of people hate the police but when something violent happens to you, you have to let the police do their job and help you.