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Ok. But during those times, signs were posted that said, "Whites Only". The sign never mention, "with the exception of Asians, Mexicans, Indians, Native Americans, etc".

All I want to know is why other races besides black people could attend and do things in white areas and facilities. Were they consider equal to white people during those times?
What is race? Why do you continue to refer to one group of people by color and every other group of people by land?

If a person was NOT white they were NOT considered equal, they were not treated as equal, and they didn't have equal rights in those times or in these times.

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no, they were considered not niggers LOL ... thats the point dude... no one gives a shit about a red man or yellow man ... its the black man that crackers had a gripe with
Everybody mentioned in the above were all considered/called 'nigger' at one time or another, among many other names.

Evidently someone gave a shit about the 'red' man and the 'yellow' man otherwise they wouldn't have experienced what they experienced.

White people had/have a problem with ALL non-white people.

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Peace. I normally don't get into these discussions but I think it means what it says. Purely because, even as recently as the 80s, certain people were referred to as black even if they were not black. For example, someone with olive colored skin and curly hair would be referred to as a black person even though they weren't. Middle eastern looking people were also referred to as black sometimes. So it means "only white poeple" in the literal sense. A lot of different races would have qualified as "black" in those days. Peace.
Who are some of these people who were considered black but wasn't?

I know of people passing for white.

There is no such thing as race. That is only a tool to divide people. Another naming system that has it's origins with white people.

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Well, I guess they didn't care about Native Americans since they took their land and killed nearly half of the race.

Still haven't met a person whom white people call native american refer to themselves and their people as native americans.

Those people are not a race.

I guess they liked Mexicans since they have a nice culture, women, etc. Asians are known to be smart, hard working, beautiful culture, polite, etc. Indians are......well, Indians. What about Arabs? I KNOW for a fact that Arabs are called sand n. If they could enter a white diner and live in an all white neighborhood, then that was f***** up! Black people were just, well, we all know.

I'm sorry, I just think it was f***** up that other races could live, eat, drink, and do whatever with whites at that time but blacks we treated with such bs and nonsense.

What you think was fucked up never happened. All non-whites were treated the same.

I know it's all over with and in the past but I just wanted to know.