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Thread: Why and how the African child is miseducated in

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    Today in the western media we are inundated with propaganda of “a poverty stricken
    Africa” but Europeans knew then and still know now how tremendously wealthy Africa
    is. In fact, it is precisely because of Africa’s genius and its tremendous wealth why
    African people were enslaved in the first place. Europeans were envious and wanted to
    have Africa all for themselves but they also felt ashamed and it was at this moment that
    the crime which they would carry out later in the 15
    th century when they discovered the
    New World, began to take shape in their minds. One of the things that struck me as I
    studied Ancient Egyptian civilization was the number of times the word ‘shame’ appeared
    in the writings of many of the European travellers to Egypt. It’s a leitmotiv in their
    writings. Even Jean Francois Champoleon who deciphered the hieroglyphs on the Rosetta
    Stone felt shame when he visited the tombs of the Pharaohs in the Valley of Kings and
    saw the different races depicted there. This is what he said.
    “We also found Egyptians and other Africans depicted in the same way, which could not
    be otherwise: but there were some important and strange differences between the namou (the Asians) and the tamhou ( the Europeans) ….. Finally (and I am ashamed to say this
    because our race was the last and most savage of all in those ancient times) but we must
    be honest and admit that we did not paint a very pretty figure in those days. Here I am
    referring to all the people with blonde hair and white skin, living not only in Europe, but
    in Asia, their place of origin. " (Asia here means people from the Middle East and not
    from China ) This forces us to ask the following question, “Why did Europeans feel
    shame when they came into contact with Africa? Where did their shame stem from? It is

    this shame which is behind our enslavement and oppression.

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    In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about the end of western civilization and we
    have all heard conservative and right wing politicians in the West lamenting the loss of
    western values. But what is Western civilization? What exactly are Western values? If
    you have travelled across Europe as I have, you will see walled cities, military forts,
    canons, pistols, guns, all manner of swords and statues of war heroes. In short, you will
    see an arsenal of weaponry and materials for waging war. In my opinion, war is not what
    most people imagine when they think about civilization. This may surprise many people
    but the West has never had a civilisation if you exclude war from that definition. So
    where did the West get all its architecture, laws, religion, human rights ideas, its so called
    values, etc? .They got them from Africa. Before they visited Africa they had none of
    these things.

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    In fact, Europeans had spent their time on the planet developing more and more lethal weapons to wage war and kill each other. Africans in contrast, had spent their time on this planet mapping the stars, studying the changing seasons, inventing literature, the arts, architecture, mathematics, writing, inventing the calendar, medicine, worshiping their gods, mummifying their dead, preparing for the afterlife, even inventing the very wig that so many black women can no longer do without today, in short, trying to build the things that we consider today as civilization. As a result, when they came into contact with Africa’s splendour, Europeans felt inadequate, ashamed, inferior, because they had built nothing similar in Europe, only weapons of war, and so they were envious and started plotting to take Africa for themselves and enslave African people and that is exactly what they have done. So what has been promoted as Western civilization during the last 500 years is none other than the civilization of African people which they have simply confiscated and claimed as their very own. Today, the West has reached the peak of its power and it is still in the warmongering business, and still sowing death and destruction in its path. Iraq is a recent example and perhaps Iran will be next in line, however, it now
    prefers to let the other races kill each other while it concentrates on supplying all the
    materials necessary for them to accomplish this task and rake in the profits from their
    deaths, especially from the deaths of African people who unfortunately have become
    infected with the western warmongering virus after centuries of close contact, to the point where Rwandans exterminated 4 million of their own people in the short space of only 3 months.

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    As many people are unaware that the West has claimed African civilization as its own,
    they are often confused by the contradictions they see in Western society. So they can’t
    understand for example how slavery and human rights can co-exist side by side but if you
    understand that one comes from Europe (slavery) and the other comes from Africa
    (human rights), then there is absolutely no contradiction whatsoever. Furthermore, as they
    do not genuinely believe in such concepts they often end up only paying lip service to
    . Do you remember that Europeans were holding a book in their hands which clearly
    stated ‘thou shalt not kill’ while they were raping and killing our ancestors? Worse, the
    ships our ancestors travelled across the Atlantic ocean on had biblical names such as ‘the
    good ship Jesus” or “John the Baptist.” Today, Mr Bush talks about god and drops cluster
    bombs which kill women and children in the same breath. This is exactly what his
    ancestors, the founding fathers, did when they exterminated the Amerindians, the original
    inhabitants of the USA. This dichotomy can be observed in many areas in western society
    because they have simply juxtaposed their warmongering culture to African civilization
    and promoted it as their own.. Now you can understand why there is so much injustice,
    poverty and exploitation on one hand and false philanthropy on the other in our world. If
    you have ever wondered why there are so many humanitarian and Christian organisations
    all over Africa apparently working to help lift Africans out of poverty, yet Africans still
    do not have access to clean drinking water now you know why. Next time the G8
    countries get together and begin to wax lyrical about how they intend to lift Africans out

    of poverty, please do yourself a favour and turn off your television.

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    The education of the black child caused great fear among the Europeans because they
    knew the genius of the people they had enslaved. What could they therefore teach African
    children whose birthright they had stolen? For a start, they certainly couldn’t allow black
    and white children to compete equally because the white children would have been
    humiliated by the brilliance of the Africans. The problem was only solved when the
    minority white population realized they were the sole decision makers in terms of what
    information was to be taught or withheld from their black students and furthermore, they
    had the monopoly in the writing and in the publication of the books, manuals and other
    materials that black people would read
    . So, they simply decided to give our children an
    inferior quality of education instead. Professor Wilson says that the education of the black
    child has never been and can never be the same as that of the white child because the
    white child must be taught how to rule and dominate others, while the black child must
    be taught how to serve and obey, hence the dual role of the western educational system.
    In spite of all the talk about equality, desegregation and. Mr Bush’s famous ‘no child left
    behind policy,” the educational system in the West has not changed one iota since the
    days of slavery and continues to ensure that African children receive an inferior quality of
    education in comparison to their white counterparts. In order to maintain this two tiered
    system they have invented all kinds of covert strategies such as intelligence tests, special
    education classes, hierarchy between schools, etcetera, In short, they continue to teach
    our children how to serve and obey which of course our young males totally reject. In
    fact, it is the information they teach in the school system which destroys the self esteem
    and the will to succeed in our children and that is exactly what it is intended for. As a
    result, they lose interest in school, begin to experience difficulty and eventually they drop

    out and become delinquents.

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    Are you gonna give anybody a chance to respond? Hahahahahahahahaha. You can blame the white education school system all you want but the truth is most black kids don't wanna learn and that's a fact. I do think that black schools need to stop teaching black kids about white history and teach them about black history. But they're being taught black history and most of them don't care about that. You think these black kids especially black boys give a damn about Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, George Washington Carver, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, WEB Dubois, Benjamin Banneker, Charles Drew, Nat Turner, Medgar Evers, Emmitt Till? They don't give a shit about that. All they care about is sneakers, clothes, sex, rap music, violent movies, video games, street slang, basketball, football, cellphones hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Black Man, i know you're gonna debate with me about this and say i'm wrong hahahahahahahahahahahaha. You know i'm right and you need to stop making excuses for black kids. I know i'm right because i experienced a lot of ignorant shit when i went to black schools. I went to mixed schools in the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th grades but if my parents hadn't moved to Virginia, i would've gone to only black schools. Black schools in Cleveland are horrible. Black schools are horrible everywhere.

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    HAHAHAHahahahah! so true. I remember when one of the little rock 9 were at out school. there was pack of black kids laughing and talking to each other a few seats away from me. they don't care about anything, so why make excuses for them. they suck.

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    This thread was a great read, Black Man. Thanks.
    "Return to earth as a person, only to see you mouse niggas running from the serpent" - Jus Allah

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    LOL@TSA hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You and i know what's up with black kids. They don't give a shit about black history and education especially most black boys. That's why so many black boys drop outta high school and go to prison and end up dead at a young age because all they care about is getting money and they'll do anything to get it. They'll rob somebody, rob banks, sell drugs, sell weed, be a rapper, NFL player, NBA player because they wanna get a lot of money and impress these bitches so they can have nice cars, nice clothes, sneakers, jewelry. What's so sad about most black men that are thugs and ignorant fools is that they don't want a honest working job. They ain't trying to work a 9 to 5 job. They don't wanna wear white shirts, slacks and ties but when you wear clothes like that, those are the jobs that's paying a lot of money. I know they don't wanna work at a factory, warehouse, construction because those jobs are hard and they pay a bullshit salary. Even if the pay is good at those places, the work is hard. Trust me i know because i've worked at several factories and a couple of warehouses and those jobs paid me a low salary with no medical and dental benefits. Those places are slave plantations and i bet a lot of immigrants are working at those jobs because most black men won't work at those places because the work is too hard and back breaking.

    Plus i believe that black schools don't really prepare black kids for life after school so they can find a job and i'm not just talking about any job. I'm talking about a job that pays good because $5, $6, $7, $8 a hour isn't gonna be enough to take care of themselves. I can understand why so many blacks don't wanna work for low pay. Nobody wants to work for low pay. It's also fucked up when jobs don't give people medical and dental benefits. Society says that blacks don't see the doctor and dentist often. It's because a lot of blacks can't afford it. Doctors and dentists charge way too much money and if you don't have medical and dental insurance, you're fucked. A lot of jobs take advantage of people by paying them a bullshit salary and giving them no health benefits and that's not right. I don't give a fuck if the jobs are McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Target, Walmart, dollar store, Blockbuster Video, grocery store, CVS. Those jobs pay bullshit money but they need to give their employees health and dental benefits.

    Then another problem you have with black kids is that so many of them are being raised by single moms because the fathers aren't around and when kids don't have 2 parents, that really sucks because there's certain things that a mother can't teach a boy that a father can. If these black kids aren't learning anything at home, you can best believe they will learn stuff on the streets that aren't good for them. So many of these kids see violence and sex and they hear kids and adults cursing. How can they concentrate at school when there's so much bad stuff going on in their neighborhood and at school? Plus black schools aren't safe because you got gangs and violence at schools. It's really a fucked up situation. That's why so many of these black kids aren't prepared for the real world and trying to get a job when they're done with school if they graduate because so many of them drop out. This is a fucked up world and that's why i'll be glad when i die because i won't miss a fucking thing about this world hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Only things i will miss about this world when i'm gone is my mom, brother, grandparents, aunt, uncle, a few cousins, rap music, movies, basketball, football, cute bitches, cars LOL.

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