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Thread: Recommended Reading for Health aand Wellness

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    Default Recommended Reading for Health aand Wellness

    water cures: how water cured incurable diseases by F. Batmangehlidj M.D
    Fells Health and wellness: official know it all guide by Dr. M ted Morter Jr. M.A.
    Racketeering in medicine: the suppression of alternatives by P. carter M.D. Dr. P.H
    the truth about the drug companies:how they decieve us and what to do about it by Marcia Angell M.D
    overdosehe case against drug companies by Jay S. Cohen M.D.

    the cancer industry by ralph w moss Phd

    this isnt even scratching the surface of all the scientist and doctors who are saying what i have been for years on here that the pharmecuetical industry is killing us and all disease can be cured naturally

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