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Thread: Triple Darkness

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    Default Triple Darkness

    i heard these niggas on that endemic album and thought they was nice for UK rappers. their voice wasn't annoying or hard to understand. I see they got an album out called anathema and M-9 got a album out too. they any good?

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    ive got the triple darkness anathema album and m9s 144000 album.

    personally i prefer m9s 144000,

    the anathema cd is ok, the productions nice, often quite dark. nice features from kyza smirnoff, and blind alpha.

    but the 144000 impressed me alot with the lyricism on it. (sorry to write an essay bout it, but i thought id break it down a bit for you)

    intro (freestyle over a j dilla beat)
    track 2 dark matter ft cyrus malachi and masikah (ill track, one of my faves)
    track 3 paint brush (m9s verse blew me away)
    track 4 strange fruit (very nice track, jon phonics on the beat)
    track 5, 7, 9 (nice tracks)
    track 10 illusions (lyrical masterpiece, thats all i can say)
    track 12 higher learning (nice jazz influenced track)

    their my faves on the cd.

    id look em up on youtube to see what u think of them

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