What up y'all, last night P Sunn was on that nyu college radio show (last week prterrorist was on there).

he came thru to promote the return of the prodigal sunn. they played two tracks: procrastinators (w/ a west coast kinda beat, but flow is real tight) and the 1st track off the album.

he talked about American Rap (or Pop) Star, which apparently is on show on showtime (cable tv). i don't have showtime so i don't know what it's about. he think he's on there.

he talked about the soundtrack for unleashed

the show got really nice when he started freestyling. they couldn't even stop him. he went on for a good 20 min droppin about 7 to 8 verses along w/ this cat named free murder who was w/ him

he's gonna be at fatbeats in nyc on the 21 to sign new copies of his joint (btw 8 and 9th) stop by if u in ny or in the area. he's performing at the Lemon lounge that same night

he said black market (priest and hell raiza) is in stores now

he mentioned that his family's got cherokee indian background ( interesting)

Also one of the producers on his album is an african dude from angola (interesting again)

website: prodigalsunn.com is up and running

overall, nice session. more fun than when pr came on last week. maybe because he's cool w/ the cats on the show. apparently they go way back