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Thread: Does the success of the Wu not show n prove the power of the 5% ??

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    C.R.E.A.M. and all the acronyms or whatever for WU TANG (whitty unpredictable...)

    All that shit was born through the supreme alphabet. CREAM was an extremely revolutionary track and the idea for it would not have come if it werent for the supreme alphabet!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giflord View Post
    The Lieutenants were humble and without ego so they went along with the RZA,s vision...
    that's a very good point
    i don't think rza or anybody could have ever juggled 8-9 personalities like the way he did, for as long as he did, without them having that common knowledge. That they are still all together today (sans odb rip) is a miracle in itself in the music world.
    i dunno if some people realize just how completely under rza's control all of them were at least for that 5 year plan and even when they were forming. No way would 9 people without knowledge of self be able to put their egos in check for that long.

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