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Thread: 09/09/09 London Bombings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soul controller View Post
    their unsubstantiated to you, as you havent done your research

    check moon landing.. check. when other space shuttle have been sent off to space.. check the day's we laucnhed the attack on iraq.
    check days they have elections

    EVERYTHING is to do with sun cycle's and sun activity.. ( the sun effects us all energy wise...do u know what ommit as a pulse as humans??)

    thats common knowledge. many people in the media speak about it

    but those who dont look into it or know about it
    will say what you have said

    Connecting the dates on which random events have occurred which you have selected for your own convenience to form some kind of theory, is not research.

    The onus of proof is obviously on you, and always will be, as you are purporting to have knowledge of some greater conspiracy.

    This is fine, but don't expect anyone to treat you as anything but a conspiracy theory nut case unless you present reasoning and proof.

    Cryptically listing a couple of random dates is not proof or reasoning by the way, before you try that (and neither is posting Prison Planet articles).

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    ok im a conspiracy nut, cos i go along with what many people know, their have been countless documentaries on tv to do with sun cycle activity,. and elections/wars/

    i posted a prison planet article? i dont even visit that site,
    their random to you, thats true,
    unless you yourself research those dates,

    i just set you random dates for you to research, you come to your own conclusions,
    but thats if you bother to research,.
    ill give you a few days, then ill come back with astronomical dates/alignments ( that are prooven fact. not theory)

    reasoning and proof should come from your own research, not from what believeing what others think. i try too get people interested enough with dates and events. so people who are interested can go and research for themselves.

    i did not say i have some knowledge of some higher conspiracy.. how did u get that?
    im just saying by knowing whats happened inthe past, you can see a pattern in whats going to come.. and when it will.

    the dates i mentioned. are the beginning and end of a certian occult event. is that less cryptic for you..by occult i DONT mean satananic,
    im going by the words original meaning
    go find out the event.

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    Research, yeah, i don't even know what your trying to imply by "research".

    Punch some random dates into google?

    See which conspiracy sites appear?

    I'm not going to "research" any of this as i can see no reason to.

    If you feel the need to present these opinions, back them up, otherwise you won't be taken seriously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PALEHORSE View Post
    thanks....*charlie brown face*

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