I have read posts in this forum for a while now. The reason why this forum failed in the past was some people could not think critically. This means reasoning for an opposing view, if your own position is worth holding, then the outcome is a better understanding of the issue. This is how everyone can gain more knowledge and understanding from a thread in this "Know The Ledge" forum.

Just coming into a thread and stating your opinion (and possibly quoting someone elses similar opinion), is weak and not worth reading and little knowledge and understading will be made. You should be able to reason to make your post stronger.

It is "critical" to think critically in this forum since many topics here have and likely always will be dealing with BELIEFS.

Any belief can be viewed as an investment of trust so once some beleifs are made, one will feel tied in or committed. People are naturally egocentric and naturally inclined to defend our values and postitions when they are threatened. When threads go through this pattern they are generally lost for which the thread turned to something it wasnt intended to do. Not every thread is meant for people to debate....although the easiest thing to do in this forum is to nitpick the fallacies someone else has posted

Some people need to learn how to back down from positions which they cannot defend and try to salvage their "investment". Instead, try looking at the opposing views. Even if an opposing view is strong, it may not actually change your current belief structure.

In short if you cant think critically and be able to reason, this forum may not be for you.