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all ya niggas ever say is cats is hatin, niggas aint feelin it, niggas justified they reasoning, how is that hate?

- sinapse
- king author
- sleep sinatra
- devamps
- graveyard shifter
- mouse
- noble scity (illy vas, crucial the guillotine, iron fingaz, AND kaotny)
- maximus
- sid
- uncle bungle

ya niggas aint fuckin with neither one of them, opinion, not "hate", stop usin that as your defense, before ya can fuck with them cats listed, stop actin like ya the best shit goin on. improve your shit and get better, it'll work for you in the long run
Thats what i'm saying brov, these phonie ego emcees are forgeting the foundation.
Dont forget...

They were making real music videos, when pcp were still jumping over rails and shooting water pistols.

Bitch ass jigsaw i was rockin clubs before you even found out about the audio booth section.

Peace to all the originals, keep doing your thing, hold tight sleep holla when you out of pen.