Man i remember this place in it's hayday, a random collection of growing emcees, sharpening their darts and forging their blades, the house helped develop a lot of us develop lyrically.

Most have left the nest for bigger and better things, music videos, contracts and live performances, but i would like the house to remember some of the all time wu-corp greats who used to spar in here together.

-nasty nak
-bigot hitman
-the ghost
- king author
- sleep sinatra
- devamps
- graveyard shifter
- mouse
- noble scity (illy vas, crucial the guillotine, iron fingaz, AND kaotny)
- maximus
- uncle bungle

Peace to you all, if any of you pop in now and again pm me, we gotta organize some revival battles, plus some callabos are in order.

Feel free to add anyone i missed.