Sup Wu-Tang Clan fans....

I'm having a debate about 9/11 with the Opie and Anthony message board, and they've got me on the ropes. I'm wondering if I can get a swarm of assistance from the Wu-conspiracy heads.

These are hardcore, brainwashed debunkers of the 9/11 conspiracy theory, and some are racist as well. If you feel qualified to go at it with hardcore 9/11 conspiracy refuters, log in and give em hell.

This board consists of the Official Government Story's shock troop army. Only if you know your shit on 9/11 do I recommend you go to war with them. They hate conspiracy theorists and seem to have studied 9/11 a little, but I suspect they're mixing truth with lies.

Have fun... if you want to/are prepared to debate against those who worship the establishment, but also aren't totally ignorant about the matter.

Bring your debating skills to

Thanks for the help.