I find it funny how everybody becomes a fuckin architecture and engineering expert after what happened lol - talking about how they are 100% certain there must have been explosions cause they (the youtube nerds) KNOW that the building would not collapse from fire, etc etc.

People claiming that the buildings wouldn't collapse from fire forget to mention the fact that they were hit by a fuckin plane lol. I don't know shit about architecture but I assume that would make some kind of difference. They say that no steel buildings have collapsed from fire, but that's maybe cause they weren't hit by a fuckin plane.

Real experts aren't on Youtube making 100 videos a day about conspiracies - they're out in the world, you know, being experts

I'm not denying that there is some shady and questionable shit surrounding 9/11 and the government in general. However I think it's ridiculous to look at these few abnormalities and suspicious occurances and just decide that the whole thing was definately a great big conspiracy by the evil government who are out to kill us all