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Thread: Globalization and modern man

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    Default Globalization and modern man

    If you're living in the world today you be hearing the slang that wu tang say

    (*love starting my threads with wu quote)

    This whole globalization phenomena leads to a situation that you have all the information available to everyone.

    Just 50 years ago this wasn't possible.

    TV and internet mainly, and press behind them, that besides spreading potential lies also spread enormous amount of knowledge from all aspects of human life.

    One can sit in front of his tv for 2 hours and watch how michelangelo painted Sistine Chapel, and how dolfins communicate between each other, and how did Jesus lived etc...

    Of course the quality of that knowledge is always debatable, and content is usually made to be interesting rather than quality.

    Same things happens in the music. 50 years ago you couldn't make music out of your room

    This whole globalization looks like a giant uncontrolled stream of water that brings the dirt from the sewer and water of sub-par quality. But in that water there are also quite a bit of minerals, vitamins and some quality stuff, you just have to dig...

    Do you think that quality can win over the average?

    Do you think that knowledge loses its value along with art in these times?

    Do you think that books will lose their value as a tool for learning and that we will have everything on the internet(maybe even now we hav'em but i'm not sure)?

    You ARE aware that i (or somebody else, probably more skilled googler)

    could google out right now answer to almost any question that is not arch question or private question.

    Is it possible to put all the knowledge of life that's resolved by man into one place(internet) and is it profitable for the most powerful people and governments?

    I think that the wise people know how to use all this advantages of modern life.

    I also think that those advantages of modern life will not allow the average ones to reign amongst the better ones (in terms of expertise on certain subject, job, profession).

    Cause in the same time you have all those educational material and knowledge written on net and tv but in the same time you got many time wasting stuff, and ignorants will always be lured by the time-wasting content in media.

    The wise ones will not be and they will evolve and learn how to escape all the traps that modern media offer.

    What's your take?

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    Do you think that books will lose their value as a tool for learning and that we will have everything on the internet(maybe even now we hav'em but i'm not sure)?
    Books are an alternative to direct verbal communication. There are other reason that can be given but I'm sure you can illustrate conclusions for yourself
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    it used to be a Larger unit - now its burst into many smaller units - individualism

    every person has their own personal religion

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    The blurring of international boundaries, multinational corporations, the emergence of spheres of influence and soft power in the developing world... these are all just some of the negative aspects of globalization.

    Free vs. Fair trade, economic exploitation and violent geopolitics are only enhanced because of globalization. Looking past the internet and traditional forms of media, these international political issues are what really concern me.

    I don't really care though, big world government with one currency... sign me up.

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