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    The Original Man

    It is important that we first establish that the Black Man is the first man, or the original man. Several major anthropological studies have documented this widely accepted fact. All peoples descend from him, either naturally or unnaturally. Europeans have even created fake fossils like the Piltdown man to try to discredit and distort the origins of humanity and place the first man in Europe. The earliest fossils of man have been found in South Africa and East Africa.

    Father of Civilization

    Blacks developed the first civilization. Throughout the ancient and prehistoric world, Blacks have been the founders of all known civilizations. Examples include: (a) the first dynasties of ancient China (b) the pre Hellenic Minoan and Mycenean civilizations which birthed ancient Greece and Rome (c) the ancient Egyptians (d) the pre-Semitic Chaldeans, Babylonians, Sumerians, and their other middle Eastern neighbors (e) the Kushites and other obviously Black civilizations in the continent known as Africa (f) the Olmecs, the early Mayans and other Black pre-Columbian civilizations of the Americas (including the Black Indians Columbus met upon his initial voyages here) (g) the ancient Black civilizations of the Indus river valley in India (h) and the Black civilizations of ancient Europe.

    The Source of World Learning

    Until the contemporary attempts by Europeans to discredit the capabilities of Blacks, the Black man has been regarded as surpassing all people and nations in his wisdom and intellect. Visitors from far-off lands studied among the Black teachers of Ancient Egypt in the Mystery Schools. Socrates and other Greeks regarded as the fathers of European philosophy were trained at these schools by Blacks. Plato, Socrates’ student challenged the Greek concept of God, which was in fact a Europeanized version of the Black gods of Egypt. Plato, not having met the true and living Gods himself appeared disgruntled with the human flaws of the otherwise supreme Greek gods.

    “Through philosophical thinking the Greeks came to the point of subordinating distrusting and even minimizing anything physical. Anything that possessed flesh was always undermined in Greek thought. And so in order to receive inspiration from Jesus the Greeks had to apotheosize him…the birth of Jesus is quite similar to the birth of the sons of Zeus. It was believed in Greek thought that an extraordinary person could only be explained by saying that he had a father who was more than human. It is probable that this Greek idea influenced Christian thought” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    The Greeks were until the era of Plato still praising and worshipping the Black men of Egypt. These facts are documented in George G.M. James’ Stolen Legacy and Martin Bernal’s Black Athena. Examples include Zeus and Hercules, who were modeled after Osiris and Horus, and the Black god Imhotep who is revered in the primary creed of medicine the Hippocratic Oath. These Black individuals were not mythical figures but historical men of note. After Plato, the idea of a transcendent immaterial deity became popular. This is known as Neo-Platonic thought. Most of the religious traditions of this region (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) were influenced heavily by this way of thinking.

    Other examples of the Black man’s reputation as the source for the wisdom of sages are the famed Library of Alexandria in Egypt (burned by Europeans) and the Universities of Timbuktu. Also important is the learning of the Black Moors who ruled Spain for 700 years (711-1492 AD) and taught the Europeans much of what they know now. It was in fact the Moors who brought Europe out of its Dark Ages, much as it was Blacks who brought Europeans out of the caves to teach and civilize them some four thousand years ago.

    The Supreme Being

    All living matter is subservient to the Black man’s rule. Given the premise of Darwin’s theories regarding the survival of species it is evident that all life until this point has culminated in the development of the supreme Black Man beginning with the simplest one-celled organism. All living things are bound to the universal laws of mathematics the language in which God as the creator wrote the universe and in which God as man speaks and lives.

    The Black Man is Dominant

    The Black gene is dominant. Most (unbiased) human biology textbooks will explain this assertion in detail. The Black man’s genetic legacy even after generations of imposed race-mixed have consistently proven him physically superior. Any observer of contemporary sports can testify to that fact. God upon designing a home for himself (the universe and specifically the Earth) chose a supreme vehicle in which to inhabit it. Although flesh the Black man’s physical body was designed to be the original and greatest form possible. This is where the phrase “the physique of a Greek God” came from. Keep in mind that the true Greek gods were Black men from Egypt.

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    God is Real, Not Unreal

    The term “Supreme Being” suggests two things, one that God is Supreme and the other that He is actually a being that exists. In terms of beings that we can actually validate and verify, the Black Man has never heard seen felt tasted or smelled anything greater than HIMSELF. While there are things that exist that are unseen they can be verified even measured. We cannot see the temperature or the wind but there are scientific instruments we can use to document their actual existence. On the other hand an unreal God is ascribed as the cause of very real circumstances. This defies the laws of cause and effect.

    People credit God for natural disasters but investigations can be done to determine the actual physical or natural causes. An invisible God does not make it rain; rain is produced from a well known process known as the water cycle. In essence, nothing can be proven to be supreme over the Black man. While believers will claim that their feeling is proof enough, people’s feelings have never proven anything. People have felt the presence of ghosts, aliens, witches, warlocks, mermaids, imaginary friends, and Santa Claus. Many of these people have been very adamant even forceful about having others believe what they believe in. Does that prove that it is real?

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