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Thread: Wanna get back into my C.D. game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wu-tang Fan View Post
    I also like "Dance with a gangster" but in a weird way, lol
    Quote Originally Posted by Wu-tang Fan View Post
    First you just post "lol" and then you quote this cat and laugh obtusely in my face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senator C. Palantine View Post
    Is this faggit for real?
    Peep da registration date foo'. I been in da game longer than you.

    Quote Originally Posted by MaskedAvenger View Post
    Redemption is out of print. That and Mr Xcitement are the only two i don't own (the latter for obvious reasons)
    Redemption is out of print? I really liked "Bizzarre" "Dat's gangsta" "Night the city cried". I take it you don't like Mr.xcitement but have you heard the joint "It's a wrap"? Shit's mad dope. It's like they are describing an early morning raid on a Columbian drug lord's mansion. Let me just say the first words uttered are "POP THEM MOTHAFUCKAZ" and it gets even more hyped from there on.

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