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Thread: No Hieroglyphs in the Great Pyramid

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    Default No Hieroglyphs in the Great Pyramid

    or any of the Giza pyramids.


    them niggas glyphded and tagged up every wall they came into contact with. yet all of inside the entire great pyramid, not one record of who built it, when, who was the phaeroh, its all just blank (except one tiny marking in the "kings chamber", which may be forgery).

    you go to all the trouble as it took to build this, you dont leave a single glyph about ANYTHING? anywhere? the only thing they found was a monument OUTSIDE the pyramid, after it was built, clearly by khufu trying to take credit.

    fuck that.

    and since you cant date stones (you need carbon to date), they have got all there info on how old the pyramid is based upon things around the pyramid like bonfires or other carbon based things that they can properly test for age.

    so this is bullshit. weve got the biggest mad made thing on earth right there in frotn of us and we still dont have any answer how the fuck it got there or who did it.



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    my theory is jinns aka fallen angels!
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    aliums did it

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    this is a nice thread.

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    new examination of the molecular struture of the stones suggest that the stones are a limestone based concrete.

    the high density of the stones cannot be found elsewhere in nature and are very similar to moder concrete densites.

    makes sense tho. why would a civ as advanced as them, drag huge stones from miles away when you can just make stones?

    mud bricks were a reality, why not stone bricks?

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    Interesting thought. Though...

    Quote Originally Posted by GHOSTLACED View Post
    and since you cant date stones (you need carbon to date)
    Actually you can. Radiocarbon dating is not the only method.
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