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Thread: Money

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    yea i agree with style but its even more odious. it is not just a profit economy, on a larger scale it is a debt based economy where no real wealth can be accumulated besides on very very small ratio. and when the gold standard was removed thats when the federal reserve started taking over.ahhh! theres so much to this...so much to say
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    yup pale

    thats why i took a baby step for the non believers.

    profit is why water, the most abundant thing on this planet costs more than soda.
    profit is why the soda does nothing for your body but satiate the desire to "taste something good".

    profit is why computers dont just have an easy plug in out processor system as it gets outdated every 2 years.

    profit is why we dont have solar everything when the most powerful energy source is beaming energy to the whole planet 24 hrs a day.

    profit is why it cost 3 dollars to make a pair of Red Monkey Jeans but they sell for $1200.

    profit is why rain, rivers and lakes are unfit to drink, along with your tap water.
    profit is why most bottled water is that same unfit tap water.

    profit is why real estate is bought and sold but in the beginning of the process was "claimed" by someone for free.

    remove the profit system and the house of cards falls.

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    so glad I made this thread

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    ball has to crash and explode

    that'll end it....

    invest in an flying object

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    its a silly game we play

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    This is a stupid topic. Like Wu Tang said, cash rules everything around me. How can you survive without money? You need money in order to live. If you don't have it, you might as well not be living. I know if i didn't have any money, i'd wanna kill myself.

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    You are stupid.

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    Exclamation nice to point out

    Quote Originally Posted by PALEHORSE View Post
    i disagree. britain is the originator of the modern currency, which is a debt based system. if u follow the paper traill u will find the the main banking centers in london actually control the banking systems in america. it is not common knowledge. the same goes for the legal system. this is what the gold fringe on the america flag means. british maritime merchant law. this is how america as we know it today started because europeans fled europe to escape the tyranny of the privately owned central banks and then supposedly won the war of independance. "but it failed in the long run cuz know we have the federal reserve which is a private central bank".
    but it failed in the long run cuz know we have the federal reserve which is a private central bank

    word up

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