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Thread: It's Bigger Than Hiphop

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    Default It's Bigger Than Hiphop

    Though there are Many aspects to this...I'll start with a problem that was troubling me.

    The Social Paradox

    There is a Social paradox that started in the African American world; which has now created this unfortunate problem amongst African Americans.
    The problem can be identified by this illustrated figures here: Leaving many in a "Damned if you do, Damned if you don't" Conflict.

    Many times in the Hip hop world and the larger African American world, If One individual who is Black speaks with eloquence, he is ridiculed for trying to act white. Therefore encouraging him to talk like an Illiterate person, and insinuating that the illiterate way of speaking is reserved for Blacks themselves. I.E. Speaking eloquent looks pretentious.

    Several Rappers such as Immortal Technique, KRS One, Q-tip (a tibe called quest), De la Soul, and Black Sheep,

    In my opinion have contributed to the Progression of not only the "African American culture, but even more so to the Urban Culture period. Listening to them has played a Major role in my Personal development and furthering my Education. Wile listening to their words, (which was too advanced for me) encouraged me to Look them up in the dictionary...thus enhancing my vocabulary with new advanced words.

    However, Unfortunately the Regression of Society has the upper hand. and since Higher Education is considered something "White" and Foreign, it plays as another role in the Cycle.

    As seen in the picture above, Blacks who lack higher education and advanced speech are ridiculed yet again for speaking like a "Nigger". Therefore leaving them in a Hopeless Cycle of Not having any Identity. They Must not Speak "White" and be Proper....but Must also not Speak "Black" and be ignorant.
    and that is The Social Paradox.
    So What is the Identity of a Black Man/Woman?

    Before we get into any of that, Let Us ask....How did it get to this Point?


    There were these Things called "Housing Projects" now known as Ghettos. The Freed Blacks were segregated in America from the whites. All Good tools and Good Homes and Good water fountains and Good Jobs were reserved for the white community only. and These "Housing Projects" would become the Neglected environment where the Blacks would reside.

    "Neglected, infected, socially disconnected, yo but this was expected from a corporate prospective."-RA786 "Solveig breakdown on wax"

    Lacking all the Necessities that Higher Class obtained, It is easy to see how the Projects would become "The Projects" and would become apart of the cycle....

    The Cycle

    Hip-Hop was Created Late 70's-early 90's

    In the midst of all the tension and economic strife, The People of the Ghetto started this new genre and subculture called Hip-hop. (There are Tons of info on its origins and where it was created...That's not the Focus of the presentation though.)

    Hip-hop was a Way or Vessel to channel Positive energy though. a Musical expression that would uplift the people, and bring them together on Political, Social, and Cultural awareness. It was a way of expressing the Love, the Problems of the Ghetto and perhaps even a potential Solution.

    Unfortunately, as The People started to become aware of their Selves and their environment and Demanded answers...This lead to the Corporate Overturn.

    Public Enemy

    Public enemy one of the Most....If not THE MOST influential group ever to take the Hip-hop world by storm, was born. It's Said that their Music was developed and produced with certain sounds and melodies to not only Hype up the Audience on Political Awareness, But to also awaken and raise the energy that is in ones Chakaras.

    Around this time the "Style" or "Trend" was Political Hiphop/ "Conscious rap"
    Obviously this became a "problem" in the Political world. People began to become Mobilized and angry with their Conditions.

    This truly was the Age when Hip-Hop was Dangerous. and This was the Majority, the "Mainstream"

    The Corporation then manipulated the situation and bought into this hip-hop. Selling Violence, and glorified Images of Drugs and Prostitution....The earlier Positive hip hop faded into oblivion(underground), as This NEW Hip-hop became the Mainstream....

    A Complete 360 Turn; Societal Regression

    (websites used or info inspired by: http://www.informedrevolution.com/theblog/?paged=2



    "So Dark the Con of Man"

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    did you put all this together?

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    seems like a good thread - BRB

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    It is all about where you wanna go in life, NOT about how small minded people see you.

    A mature person goes after their goals even though small minded people don't accept it.

    The worst a small minded person would most likely do to an eloquent black person, is call that person bad names or just be a minor nuisance.

    A mature person will ignore the minor nuisance and get what he or she wants out of life.

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    nigga ruined my high

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