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Thread: Rap vets that droped solid albums within the past few years (no charlesjones allowed)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
    El Don, your right about Ice Cube. His last 4 albums have been garbage. Bootlegs And B Sides was his last good album. Tommy, i see you like gay music since you like Common and QTip hahahahahahahahahahaha. Prolifical ENG, you can't be serious that Snoop Dogg's Blue Carpet Treatment and RBG albums are good hahahahahahahahahaha. Doggystyle is his only good album. Snoop's beats haven't been good since Doggystyle.
    I guess you can see why I added your name to the title, your opinion on new rap albums is bad, mostly because you cant evolve your ear to beats that you claim are bad. You sound like a geezer complaining about new music and what it was like in the 50s. Now you know why your dad was pinching his nostrils when you listened to that shit you were bumping on the early 90s.

    Most people that arent backpackers praised the Blue Carpet Treatment album when it came out. For people that arent backpackers you dont need to come flaming into this thread though.

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    I see why you didn't want "CharlesJones" commenting on this, his opinion is equivalent to a pile of horse shit. Q-Tip and Common gay? Shut the fuck up, son.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy View Post
    I see why you didn't want "CharlesJones" commenting on this, his opinion is equivalent to a pile of horse shit. Q-Tip and Common gay? Shut the fuck up, son.
    i like q tip hes dope his flow is nice and his voice is cool, common is gay tho i cant stand common at all hes too soft n shit i cant believe he tried to go at ice cube and all that, if i wanna hear some conscious hip hop of that nature ill go with mos def he shits on common

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    Quote Originally Posted by angry! View Post
    niggas really expecting epmd to come with heat at this stage of the game!?!?!?!

    yeeaaaahh..... and im still expecting maurice claurett to be a hall of fame running back!!!!

    and everyone shoulda given up on onyx when fredo was hosting dance offs with keenan and kel and sticky was making coon classics on WB network!!!!!!
    3 6 OHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh

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    Wu-Tang Clan- 8 Diagrams
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    M.O.P- The Foundation
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    GZA- Pro Tools
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    Ghostface Killah- The Big Doe Rehab
    DOOM- Born Like This
    Mos Def- The Ecstatic

    Quote Originally Posted by YungSunny View Post
    Warcloud is nerdier than the nerdcore.
    Do you understand?
    His rhyming is like reading fuckin....roman mythology on acid or some shit.
    Quote Originally Posted by Socialist][Revolt View Post
    Gucci Mane: Scholar, philosopher, sociologist, psychologist, musician, playwright, cosmonaut

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    Cormega - "Born & Raised"

    daily updates: news, articles, reviews, the best compilations on the net. that true skool street hop!

    r.i.p. Johan D, Kaddu, Ricke a.k.a. "Slick Rick" and the rest of the fallen soldiers - you'll never be forgotten!

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    Raw Taste, A Tribe Called Quest isn't gay but QTip's solo albums are LOL. Jasjit, yeah Common's music after Resurrection has been gay. Have you heard his Can I Borrow A Dollar and Resurrection albums? If you haven't, check those out. He was hard on those albums and the beats are good. I wish Ice Cube would've dissed him again after The Bitch In You song especially since Common has been doing gay music LOL. Tommy, your a faggot. That's why i be fucking your girl hahahahahahahahahahaha. Prolifical ENG, if you think Snoop's Blue Carpet Treatment album is good, that's your opinion and your entitled to it. But i haven't been feeling his wack music since Doggystyle. His lyrics are still pretty good but his beats have been trash for awhile. What the fuck is up with that gay song he did with Willie Nelson on his last album? LOL. I just saw the video for that a few weeks ago.

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