They've got planned cities, why not plan a society.

Let's begin with a building block of a thousand people, what jobs would be needed in a society of a thousand people and how many of those thousand would those be needed for each element. Once completing the subsistence society of one thousand we can start to build.

So take a thousand people.

They're going to need approximately 2200 acres to feed them.
Using relatively small scale farming techniques (as opposed to modern day superfarming) Each farm worker can cultivate enough land to feed eleven other people and themselves.
This means that 1:12 of the population are going to be farmers. So 84 of the thousand are going to be farmers.

Using India as an example, we get roughly a third of the population being under 15 and thus too young to work and about 5% being too old to work.

So taking about 350 people out of the equation gets us... 650 adults. Roughly 1:1 in terms of male and female. So we can cut that number in half for each. There'd be an average of three children per couple, so we can say that about 100 couples are currently raising children.

225 Working Age Men w/o Children
225 Working Age Women w/o Children
100 Working Age Men w/ Children
100 Working Age Women w/ Children
300 Children (0-14)
50 Elderly People (65+ )

So that's our pool of workers.

So we need 84 Field Hands to feed those people presuming the children and wives will be aiding them in other farm duties, that's quite a bit of the population devoted to farming.

Say there are two farm hands with children for each currently without that means that 28 of the 225 men are farmers and 56 of the hundred are farmers.

So that leaves 197 men who aren't farmers and 44 who aren't farmers.

241 men for other tasks in the community.

I'd say 2-5 would be needed as police/firefighters who would be aided by the larger population.

That leaves 236 men.

A few doctors would be needed.

That leaves 233 men.

A half dozen specialized smiths and tool makers.

That gives us 227 men.

We'd need a judge for various matters and solving disputes, a tribunal would be fairer.

224 men.

A good number of laborers who maintain, build, and generally help get things done as well as specialized carpenters, plumbers (at least well and outhouse diggers), engineers, painters, and various lesser craftsmen who do everything from making glass to money to making guns for hunting.

124 men.

We'd need a number of merchants and porters from butchers to bakers and candlestick makers... and of course brewers and distillers. Tailors and clothing makers and seamsters.

80 men to go.

We'd probably have a dozen+ outdoorsmen who hunt wild game and trap fur.

65 men remaining.

I imagine that people who harvest raw resources be it timber, stone, metal, or what have you and those who refine those things would take up most of the remaining jobs.

That'd leave us with a dozen or more useless people who are probably drunks/musicians, cripples, and various other dubious people. Oh and a local folk leader or two and a few clergymen...

Women would probably either help their husbands or mope about unmarried etc. Probably a brothel or two on the outskirts of town.

Any other ideas or further delopment ideas.

We can discuss a religion or government or whatever for this Wu Tang Corp imagined society.

Democracy would be rather unchanged, a feudal system would need a number of soldiers, a theocracy more clergy, a republic more officials, a matriarchal society couldn't exist... and yeah, socialism, communism, sexism. What ever.

Let's play with this.