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Thread: Hugo Chavez Ethers Fox News lol

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    me and my friend were talkin about chavez yesterday, he was a pretty good leader for venezuela too bad the rich folk didnt think so and ran him outta their.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PALEHORSE View Post
    ey, pat, i understand that, but do understand why they chose those images?
    Pale, trust me on this one, they are not part of the Illuminati and have nothing to do with it. They choose the images because the reflect aspects of the occult which aesthetically appeal to the them. There is nothing more to it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackula_Spictakula View Post
    I don't fucking agree with this statement. So fuck you.
    Seems to be the normal response to disagreement here, you fit in well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Bateman View Post

    Calling Chavez a pig is possibly over the top, but virtually any politician is a pig to me, much like any cop is a pig to some people. He's done some good things, but his gradual abolition of various aspects integral to the democratic system bother me.
    I feel better now thanks.

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