So, a minute ago, I was looking at wu-corp and my girl was watching VH-1 Classic, and the video for "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" by George Michael and Elton John came on, and I got to thinking:

If 3% of the world's population(30% in Europe) is gay, then statistically speaking, some of you faggots must be faggots.

SO who's gay? Is it you? Do you gay? Do you not gay out, but sometimes watch Colin Ferrel movies with the volume off and make up dialog where you and him go to the same gym and he's complimenting you on your squat thrust technique?

Who do you guys think are the gays? If it's you, feel free to use this thread officially register yourself as a gay.

You will not be persecuted for your alternative and gross lifestyle, I'm just curious. But not curious in a gay way.

Also, if you were going to suggest that I'm the gay one, I would tell you to fuck off because it's actually a pretty good song and that in actuality, YOU'RE the gay one.

So don't waste your time.