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I shave a thank you. I would also like to note, that it seems to me that you don't like pussy? The words and the tone you use to describe my female genitalia, gives me the notion that you're just saying you would engage in sexual intercourse with me but with reluctance. Dude, you don't have say that shit to look straight in front of your wucorp peers they'll eventually accept your homosexuality.
Blackula, I think you're an attractive young lady, but I just feel like you have a giant bush.

Maybe it is because you have dark hair and you live in a cold climate and I imagine eskimos covering themselves in fur, I don't know.

Like I said, I'd get up in it, but if there really is a thick-ass pelt of arctic wolf fur covering it, like I think there is, I wouldn't put my face in it.

If it's gay to not want to lick a pussy with lint, bacon grease, and packing peanuts stuck in the mane it, then color me gay