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Thread: Why do you make Illuminati out to be the bad guys? They meant to be for GOOD

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    Quote Originally Posted by GHOSTLACED View Post
    Ive noticed brock is very good at going into threads like this in KTL, telling people they are wrong about stuff, talks about what he has "researched", but never actually saying anything about anything.

    Be careful.

    Don't tempt him into posting youtube 'documentary' made by beings even more delusional than himself.

    Because if this proceeds, that the only outcome i can envisage.

    Peace be with you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GHOSTLACED View Post
    Id love to join the Illuminati, they sound fucking dope lol.

    Why would anyone have problems with them? All they are about is knowledge, science, anti relgion, progression of human.

    Their whole history is about rebelling against the corrupt and oppresive Vatican and Catholic chruch.

    IMO the whole "illuminiati" is bad" thing has been propelled at the base level by religious nuts.
    yeah, it was the catholic church that made illuminati a dirty word when they were trying to kill everyone that was against them, and by nature of white ppl, jews.

    but all their views seem noble and fucking dope. i would mind joining either 3Eleohl!

    these guys seem to not only go hard, but make good ass countries and leaders.

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    This is all true I am a fully supporter of Illuminiti and anything they take part in and no one has yet told me why I shouldnt be.

    Other than saying they worship the devil. Yeah, good one. One day the just decided to worship the devil, even though their entire shit is based around not being douchy about religions and stuff.

    saying they fuck with the devil is a typical dumbass catholic church spread propaganda to give Illuminiti the bad name. The 85ers will believe it though. Thats the funny thing, you are all being decieved by the Church into thinking being part of th e goddam ENLIGHTENED ONES is a bad thing LOLLLAS

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    alright this clips a little troubling, but this is why there's so little trust with these secret societies


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    Quote Originally Posted by GHOSTLACED View Post
    Illuminati was started by Galileo and co to rebel against the oppressive power obsessed Catholic church, who would stifle science and knowledge.

    Everything ive read about the history of Illuminati sounds good, theyre out theyre fighting the good fight, against religion, for the advancement of science and knowledge

    So then they hooked up with the freemasons, because they got shucked in Bavaria, and most of their members were executed, so they joined up with Freemasons for support.

    freemasons had the same ideas as Illuminati, same values etc. But they had to keep it all secret because the Catholic chruch wanted them all dead for studying science.

    But now you faggots out here saying its a BAD THING that the USA was founded by free masons and illuminati?? And has had lots of Free mason presidents?


    This is a very GOOD sign for the country, it was set up anti religion, and for the equality of the people and freedom.

    So you guys need to explain why you keep talking about Illuminti as a bad thing, because from everything ive read, they sound like the side I want to be on.
    Angels & Demons is a terrible source for knowledge on the Illuminati.

    I recommend you watch 'Angels VS. Demons' which ran on The Discovery Channel a few weeks back, they exposed all the untruths in the movie/book. Galileo was never a part of the Illuminati.

    Masons have existed since waaaay back...
    One example:
    'The Knights Templars'
    In the late 11th century, The Pope sent out his strongest Knights (The Templars) out to Jerusalem. They murdered everyone, beheaded practically the whole middle-eastern population, and they stole the holy relics such as The Holy Grail.

    A few centuries later the Templars were prosecuted for being busted worshipping 'Baphomet' (a corruption of the Prophet Muhammad [Just as how The Anti-Christ is the opposite of Yahshua Ben Yosef, Baphomet is kind of like the anti-Muhammad being).

    Then, a few centuries later again around the time The Bavarian Illuminati was formed, America being founded, freemasonry expanding and creating politics in America, etc...

    The Knights Templar re-emerge as a sect of Freemasonry.

    The Illuminati, Freemasons, 10%ers, whatever you wanna call them, have existed for a LONG time. The Templars are only one example of how far back they go, I could tell you that the foundation of Christianity in 325 AD (see 'Nicene Creed') was created by the freemasons alongside Emperor Constantine. Their Council was 10% of the population.

    According to my 'Crime & Society' teacher this semester,
    10% of the population of Rome were the people that controlled and made choices whereas today we live in a democratic free society where we all have a say.

    In English class this semester ('Literary Rebels' under 'Literary Themes'), we were learning about Romanticism. One of the writers during the period was upset about France's situation and raised the question "How could 10 out of 100 people control the society?"
    (10/100 = 10%)

    After that, The French Revolution happened... and 'The Declaration of Human Rights' in France was posted... And in it, you have at the top...

    The All-Seeing Eye.
    A Masonic Symbol.

    The situation of France was at first thought to be good, but after the revolution, shit got fucking bad, and again, it was a small percentage of people, and there are no direct quotes to prove it was 10%, but I do suspect again that it was 10% of the population that 'ordered' the rest. The Romantics were disappointed of the failure in France.

    Who are the Illuminati?
    Depends which Illuminati you're talking about.
    Historically, there's the Bavarian Illuminati, defunct around the Enlightenment/Romantic era.

    And then you have 'The Illuminati' or the Enlightened Ones, the ones at the Top of the Pyramid, notice that the eye at the top of the pyramid emits out a light, because those at the top are 'brilliant' or 'enlightened' or 'hold the light' or 'bear the light'. 'The Illuminati' is the 10%. The Illuminati are made up of all these 'secret-societies' such as the Freemasons, Skull & bones, Scottish Rite, Knights Templar, The Vatican, etc.

    Lucifer is a Latin word, literally meaning "light-bearer."

    The Vatican, The Church, The Freemasons, are not enemies.
    They are all part of the same order, to keep others in order.
    Republicans and Democrats are the same. They are not really fighting each other.
    They are merely working with each other to reach their goal - New World Order, or,
    'Novus Ordo Seclorum' (found at the bottom of the pyramid or the left 'Great Seal of America')
    which means, 'New Order for the Ages'
    Roman Catholicism. That's Christianity's roots.
    The Vatican is in Rome.
    It is obvious that the 10% plan was to make Religion so stupid that it would be a portrayal of God and make people think all that religious stuff is stupid. They created it, and they made it look stupid so that you could have a Man be the Supreme Ruler of the Planet by forcing a One-World Government (new world order) [communism]. A One World Ruler under a One-World Government.
    Also, inside the Vatican, there is a picture of The All-Seeing Eye.

    And in Scriptures,
    "The False Shepherd will be blinded through his Right Eye" - Zakariyah

    "The Beast will claim to be Allah (The God [translation from al-illah [which Al-Lah is a contraction from] {Al means The, Illah means deity or god, so it refers to THE God, meaning the One and Only Universal One, but he will be One-Eyed, and Allah is Not One-Eyed..." - From a Hadith

    And Freemasons claim that 'The All-Seeing Eye' is 'The All-Seeing Eye of God' but it has just been scripted that The Beast will be Blinded through his Right Eye and will be One-Eyed.

    Therefore, Their 'God' is 'The Beast' or the Man to be Supreme Ruler of the One-World Communistic Government. Seen through Stalin, Mao, etc, that did not work well when One Man ruled their territory...

    In theory, Communism is the Successor to Capitalism and is supposed to be a Global Phenomenon (see 'The Communist Manifesto').

    Is it coming together now?
    The One-Eyed Beast,
    Light Bearers (Lucifers),
    Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Order for the Ages),
    Annuit coeptis ('He Has Approved Of Our Undertaking' [meaning, HE (referring to the being with the 'All-Seeing Eye') has approved of taking over the people from below (or at the bottom of the pyramid, example: us)]
    One-World Rulership

    September 11, 1990
    "... We have in our path a chance to forge a New World Order... and Believe me, it will happen." - George Bush Sr.

    and in March of 2009, Obama said something in the lines of "we have to do it for the New World Order."

    That is just proof that Democrats and Republicans are not adversaries but actually are just portrayed to be enemies to accomplish their agenda which is the new world order.
    (by the way if you want links to where Obama or Bush Sr. have said that, just ask, I'll find you the YouTube links)

    Yes, most conspiracy theorists are nuts, but if you research enough you'll realize that this Illuminati One-World Government stuff is real, and they are not out for your interests, they're out for their own Elite interest. The 10% are the ones at the Top of the Pyramid.

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    Ok that video is fucking ridiculous on so many levels but...

    Quote Originally Posted by Koolish View Post
    alright this clips a little troubling, but this is why there's so little trust with these secret societies

    Lucifer is a Latin word, literally meaning "light-bearer", that was used as a name for the "day star" or "Morning Star" that precedes the rising of the sun.

    If you happen to be a cristian, the name Lucifer will relate to the devil, or fallen angle from the heavens. The Bible gave this name to the fallen angel because the word Lucifer often means "star", i.e the star that fell from the heavens.

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    If you are suspicious and skeptic that video could have had been an 'actor' mason. There's so many fake ass videos out there just to prove the point of something, but fake facts are fake facts and should not be used to prove the truth although something may be true. That person could have been an actor, or he could not have been an actor. As for the filmer, he did a bad job by cutting the old dude off.

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    Im not saying he was an actor, im saying the video doesnt say anything about anything.

    In any other walk of life other than christian, if you call someone lucifer, it would be seen as a very good thing. Lucifer doesnt mean devil, it means light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GHOSTLACED View Post
    Im not saying he was an actor, im saying the video doesnt say anything about anything.

    In any other walk of life other than christian, if you call someone lucifer, it would be seen as a very good thing. Lucifer doesnt mean devil, it means light.
    It actually means the bearer of light, the one that holds the light, not the actual light. 'The Light' is one of the names of God. 'Lucifer' or 'Light Bearer' is the name of the Devil when he was in Heaven. Lucifer fell from the sky then became the Devil.


    Also not that if that was not an actor, the filmer asked "The same Lucifer in the bible?"
    "Mason" replied: "Yes, the same one."

    So the guy was talking about Lucifer from the Christian Perspective.

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    i think the whole anti religion agenda is bullshit
    Islam is and always will be the modern science

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    Quote Originally Posted by beautifulrock View Post
    magnetic interference due to the earth moving and energy being released...maybe?

    or the illuminati did it cos they felt like fucking with the chinese heads before they died.

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    Islam was on the right path with the whole mathematics thing because the entire universe can potentially be explained thru mathematics and geometry, but over time the islamic mathematics seems to have been lost to superstition, who actually practisis supremme mathematics now in the right way?

    but anyway the mathematics thing shows to me that Islam knows what its talking abotu when it comes to shit, they on the right path there.

    Unlike Cathlocism, which is all bout making you feel bad.

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    lol true say.
    but neither are the illuminati teaching anything about that kind of science as far as i know. To me theyre trying to stop that kind of Islam which teaches what you said

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    Allow me to explain my definition of The Elite (illuminati)

    Firstly I call them The Elite because the core organization is comprised of various "elite" clubs and organizations, and by elite I mean the top of the game in every way possible.

    The groups who are definitely and universally accepted as collaborating with various other suspicious organizations in a secret circle of information gathering and intelligence are...

    The Freemasons (all rites)
    The Trilateral Commission
    Council Of Foreign Relations
    The bilderberger group
    The Haliburton Group
    The Rothschild Group
    The Rockefeller Group
    The Lockheed Martin Group
    The Carlyle Group
    The Israeli Government
    The American Governmet

    Feel free to research the names given and establish their place and connection to the rest of the core organization.

    They have motives which can be seen in action to the learned mind, the architecture around you is the first design and tool of bypassing your subconscious and planted subliminal messages that manifests itself through various other destructive means.

    Lets face it us westerners are introduced to sex, drugs, blood and gore at a very young age, absorbing everything we see and subconsciously acting out what you have been programmed to do.

    The first tool of The Elite is psychological warfare on its citizens to keep them oblivious and under control, after that comes physical invading and occupying other countries under the cover of Imperialism or Democracy and draining of it of its income and resources, then stamping a flag in the ground and going home.

    The Elite run things, and by the looks of things cannot be countered, the reason they cant be countered is a long discussion i cant be bothered to type.

    Corporatism, Democracy, Globalism and Capitalism are the socially accepted terms to call The Elite, they slave kids to make our clothes, and invade countries and butcher women and children, even going as far as dropping an atomic bomb called "fat man" on a city.

    Shit is sinister and twisted, that's the whole reason everyone is like "what happened to the world, what are these times we are living in" its because of the Elite ("illuminati")
    Bank heist in Kathmandu, it was a slaughter
    The day Buddha was born it rained tea instead of water

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