shadow asked me to start this. Ive studied "alternative" medicine for about 10 years and its actually what opened my eyes up to the conspiracy, i started finding out all this great information that wasnt taught in schools and began to wonder why. then i learned they poisoned the air water and food etc.... let me start out by writing a little disclaimer cuz i am working on becoming a certified natural health consultant and dont need sued by the feds so i have to write this.......i am not a licensed medical doctor, always consult your physician. all the information i provide is not meant to treat, cure or prevent any diseases or be a substitute for medical advice from your doctor. all this information i give is for educational purposes only, even though i do all this stuff personally and have great results and believe it to be true.

so now that bullshit is out of the way, i want this thread to be an overall discussion not just Q and A. although i will try my best to answer all ?'s the best i can. so let me start it off with this video of rife machines blowing up viruses and bacteria in blood.