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    In this threat I will introduce you whit Zionism and itīs contributions to the World, as well as some personal viewpoints of this movement.
    Firts off letīs start whit the official definition:
    Zionism is the international political movement that originally supported the reestablishment of a homeland for the Jewish People in Palestine. The area was the Jewish Biblical homeland, called the Land of Israel (Hebrew: Eretz Yisra'el). Since the creation of Israel, the Zionist movement continues primarily as support for the modern state of Israel.The multi-national, worldwide Zionist movement is structured as a representative democracy. Congresses are held every four years (they were held every two years before the Second World War) and delegates to the congress are elected by the membership. Members are required to pay dues known as a shekel. At the congress, delegates elected a 30-man executive council, which in turn elected the movement's leader. The movement was democratic from its inception and women had the right to vote (before they won the right in Great Britain). Until 1917, the ZO pursued a strategy of building a homeland through persistent small-scale immigration and the founding of such bodies as the Jewish National Fund (1901 - a charity which bought land for Jewish settlement) and the Anglo-Palestine Bank (1903 - provided loans for Jewish businesses and farmers). In 1942, at the Biltmore Conference, Zionists changed their program and demanded the establishment of a Jewish state as the aim of the movement.
    The term Zionism was coined by Nathan Birnbaum in the late 19.st and early 20. century. Intresting enough he often referred to it as "the Jewish problem", same terminology that Hitler, Ghoebbels and other Nazi mass murderes used. The father of the modern political Zionist movement is Theodor Herzl, here is a wikipedia article about him:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theodor_Herzl

    Theodor Herzl (Hebrew: בנימין זאב הרצל‎, Binyamin Ze'ev Herzl, Hungarian; Herzl Tivadar; also known as חוזה המדינה, Hoze Ha'Medinah, lit. "The Seer of the State" [of Israel] or חוזה מדינת היהודים, Hoze Medinat HaYehudim, lit. "The Seer of the Jewish State") (May 2, 1860 — July 3, 1904) was an Austro-Hungarian journalist and the father of modern political Zionism.
    But letīs move on to the contributions of Zionism to the modern day world:
    The Israeli Declaration of Independence (Hebrew: הכרזת העצמאות‎, Hakhrazat HaAtzma'ut or Hebrew: מגילת העצמאות‎ Megilat HaAtzma'ut), made on 14 May 1948 (5 Iyar, 5708), the day the British Mandate expired, was the official announcement that the new Jewish state named the State of Israel had been formally established in parts of what was known as the British Mandate for Palestine and on land where, in antiquity, the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah had once been.

    The event is celebrated annually in Israel with a national holiday called Yom Ha'atzmaut (Hebrew: יום העצמאות‎, lit. Independence Day), the timing of which is based on the Hebrew calendar date of the declaration (5, Iyar, 5708).

    The 1948 Palestinian exodus (Arabic: الهجرة الفلسطينية‎, al-Hijra al-Filasṭīnīya), also known as al Nakba (Arabic: النكبة‎), meaning the "disaster", "catastrophe", or "cataclysm",[1] occurred when between 650,000 and 750,000 Palestinian Arabs fled or were expelled from their homes by Jewish or Israeli forces, during the creation of the state of Israel and the civil war that preceded it.[2] The term "Nakba" was first used in this way by Syrian historian Constantine Zureiq in his 1948 book, Ma'na al-Nakba (The Meaning of the Disaster).[3]

    The Six-Day War of June 5-10, 1967 was a war between the Israel army and the armies of the neighboring states of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. The Arab states of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria also contributed troops and arms.[6] At the war's end, Israel had gained control of the Sinai Peninsula, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights. The results of the war affect the geopolitics of the region to this day.

    Israel's unilateral disengagement plan (Hebrew: תוכנית ההתנתקות Tokhnit HaHitnatkut or תוכנית ההינתקות Tokhnit HaHinatkut in the Disengagement Plan Implementation Law), also known as the "Disengagement plan", "Gaza expulsion plan", and "Hitnatkut") was a proposal by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, adopted by the government on June 6, 2004 and enacted in August 2005, to evict all Israelis from the Gaza Strip and from four settlements in the northern West Bank.

    Those Israeli citizens that refused to accept government compensation packages and voluntarily vacate their homes prior to the August 15, 2005 deadline, were evicted by Israeli security forces over a period of several days.[1] The eviction of all residents, demolition of the residential buildings and evacuation of associated security personnel from the Gaza Strip was completed by September 12, 2005.[2] The eviction and dismantlement of the four settlements in the northern West Bank was completed ten days later.

    So wenn we look at the long history of Zionism, the first time spawn from late 19. to the middle of the 20. st. Zionism was a tool of information exchange, being it cultural, political or social.
    Then in 1948 whit the achieved goal of a Independent State we see another demonic dimension of the Zionist movement. The sad thing is that the Zionist regard their own people who in their oppinion have "bad insticts" in same manner as the Palestinian people whit one diference they donīt kill them, they use them to get killed and to kill.

    In his own words and to show the infulence of the modern day Zionism, and the power and impact that it posseses iīll let a distingushed politican to speak for me:

    As you can see and hear on this little take from ShalomTV the vicepresident of the US regards respectivly that "you donīt have to be Jew to be a Zionist", question arises if the vice president of the US is Zionist and declares himself to be one, what interests is he persuing? And are Zionist interests the same as the interests of the citizens of the U.S.A? The elected politicans should persue the best viewpoint and interest of the people that elected them, innit?

    It must be noted that men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terrorization, and not by academic discussions. Every man aims at power, everyone would like to become a dictator if only he could, and rare indeed are the men who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of all for the sake of securing their own welfare.

    You may say that the goyim will rise upon us, arms in hand, if they guess what is going on before the time comes; but in the West we have against this a manoeuvre of such appalling terror that the very stoutest hearts quail -- the undergrounds, metropolitains, those subterranean corridors which, before the time comes, will be driven under all the capitals and from whence
    those capitals will be blown into the air with all their
    organizations and archives.
    List Of Tenants in WTC

    Political freedom is an idea but not a fact. This idea one must know how to apply whenever it appears necessary with this
    bait of an idea to attract the masses of the people to one's party for the purpose of crushing another who is in authority. This task is rendered easier if the opponent has himself been infected with the idea of freedom, so-called liberalism, and, for the sake of an idea, is willing to yield some of his power.
    So what can been seen here? A president that in the name of freedom and liberty is willing to sacrifice the freedoms and lives of the very same socius that elected him. A chilling compliance can be seen here: the Bush and US doctrine whit itīs Martial Law and the above quote.

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