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Thread: Shitload of Cd's For Sale (Aus)

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    Default Shitload of Cd's For Sale (Aus)

    I just listed all these cd's for sale on an Aussie hip hop forum. Thought I might as well post it here too in case any of the Aussies here are interested. All prices are in AUD. If for any reason anybody outside of Australia would want any of these cd's, pm me and we'll try to sort something out...

    I am selling a whole lot of my hip hop cd collection to try and earn a few extra dollars. A lot of these cd's were purchased brand new and only played a few times. As I take great care of my personal belongings these cd's are still more or less as new. Other cd's were purchased second hand, but most of these are in excellent condition too. Only a few cd's I am listing have some light scratches or ruffled artwork etc. All cd's play fine right through, with no jumping, skipping or any other fault in playback. The cases are all fine, with no cracks or other damage, and if they arrive damaged that is the fault of the courier service and I accept no responsibility for it. All cd's include all original artwork. I will be using the following system to describe the condition of each cd:

    NEW: New.
    EX: Excellent. No scratches on cd and no wear or damage to artwork. Most these cd's will be pretty much as new.
    VG: Very good. Possibly some light scratches on cd and/or slight ruffling or wear on artwork.
    G: Good. Moderate scratches on cd and/or moderate ruffling or wear on artwork.

    Postage will be $3 for the first cd, and $1 for each additional cd.

    Any questions about cd specifics or anything else are welcome and will be answered asap.

    If there are any problems with any of these cd's, buyer may return the damaged goods to me at their own cost, and after assessing the damage to the goods I will provide a full refund if I believe the goods to be in the same order they were in upon shipping. If the goods have been damaged in transit or in the care of the buyer, no refund will be provided. I will NOT provide refunds to anybody who refuses to return the goods to me.

    7L & Beyonder - DC2: Bars of Death EX $12
    7L & Beyonder – Dangerous Connection EX $10
    A+ - Hempstead High EX $5
    Aesop Rock – Float EX $12
    Afu Ra – Life Force Radio EX $10
    Afu Ra – Body of the Life Force EX $10
    Apathy – Where’s Your Album? EX $10
    Arsonists – As the World Burns EX $10
    Baldhead Slick & The Click EX $10
    Big Noyd – Only The Strong EX $10
    Big Pun – Yeah Baby (Clean) EX $5
    Black Star - Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star EX $12
    Bushwick Bill – No Surrender…No Retreat EX $5
    Capone ‘n Noreaga – The Reunion EX $10
    Chino XL – Poison Pen: The Lost Tapes EX $10
    Coolio – My Soul EX $5
    Common – Like Water For Chocolate EX $8
    Cunninlynguists – Southernunderground EX $12
    Da Beat Minerz – Brace 4 Impak EX $8
    Dead Prez – Revolutionary But Gangsta (Clean) EX $8
    Dead Prez – Let’s Get Free EX $12
    Del The Funky Homosapien – Both Sides of the Brain EX $8
    DJ Hurricane – Don’t Stop (2cd) EX $8
    DMX – And Then There Was X EX $10
    Dub L – Day of the Mega Beast EX $12
    E-40 – The Hall of Game EX $5
    Eric Sermon – Def Squad Presents Eric Onassis EX $5
    Eric Sermon – Music EX $5
    Face Mob – The Other Side of the Law VG $5
    Fine Arts Militia – We Are Gathered Here EX $10
    Geto Boys – Making Trouble EX $5
    hosted by Ghostface Killah – Hot 97 Mixtape Vol. 2 NEW (Still wrapped) $5
    Goretex – The Art of Dying EX $15
    Grand Puba – 2000 VG $5
    Guru – Version 7.0: The Street Scriptures EX $10
    GZA – Legend of the Liquid Sword NEW $10
    Icecube – War & Peace 1 EX $5
    Icecube – War & Peace 2 EX $5
    Ice T – Greatest Hits EX $5
    Ice T – 6 EX $5
    Ill Bill – What’s Wrong With Bill? EX $15
    Infamous Mobb – Blood Thicker Than Water (w/dvd) EX $12
    Infamous Mobb – Special Edition EX $12
    Jungle Brothers – V.I.P EX $5
    Kaze & 9th Wonder - Spirit of '94: Version 9.0 EX $10
    Keith Murray – The Most Beautifullest Hits EX $5
    Killah Priest – Heavy Mental EX $10
    Kool G Rap – Roots of Evil NEW (Still wrapped) $10
    Kool Keith - Black Elvis/Lost in Space EX $8
    K-OS – Exit EX $5
    KRS One – Spiritual Minded EX $5
    LL Cool J – Mr Smith EX $5
    LL Cool J – 14 Shots to the Dome VG $5
    LL Cool J – Walk Like a Panther EX $8
    LL Cool J – Bad EX $8
    Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz - Make it Reign EX $8
    Masta Killa – No Said Date (w/dvd) NEW (Still wrapped) $12
    MC Ren – Villian in Black EX $10
    Mobb Deep – Infamy EX $10
    Mozes Gunn – Personal Vendetta EX $2
    Mos Def – Black on Both Sides VG $10
    Mr Hyde – Barn of the Naked Dead EX $12
    Naughty By Nature – Icons VG $5
    Naughty By Nature – Nature’s Fury EX $5
    Necro – The Pre-Fix For Death EX $12
    Non Phixion – The Future is Now (w/dvd) EX $15
    Non Phixion – The Green CD (Double CD) EX $15
    Noreaga – Melvyn Flynt the Hustler EX $8
    Noreaga – N.O.R.E EX $8
    Planet Asia – The Grand Opening EX $10
    Pras – Ghetto Superstar VG $2
    Prince Paul – Politics of the Business EX $8
    Royce Da 5’9’ – Death Is Certain VG $10
    Sabac – Sabacalypse EX $15
    Sadat X – Wild Cowboys VG $5
    Scarface – Greatest Hits EX $5
    Scarface – The Fix VG $10
    Scarface – Last of a Dying Breed (Clean) EX $5
    Scarface – The Untouchable VG $10
    Scarface – The Diary (Screwed & Chopped) EX $10
    Spice 1 – Hits EX $5
    Spice 1 – Immortalized EX $5
    Supernatural – S.P.I.T EX $10
    Too Short – Can’t Stay Away EX $5
    Tragedy Khadafi – Still Reporting EX $10
    Virtuoso – Evolution of the Torturer EX $10
    Willie D – Loved By Few, Hated By Many EX $8
    Wyclef Jean – The Ecclectic EX $8

    I'll add some more if there's any interest. Got so many cd's I never listen to.

    New album 'The Essential Nonsensical' out now. Check out some tracks here...


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    how much for all them?

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    Default Shitload of Cds For Sale Aus

    Killarmy - Camouflage ninjas
    Camouflage ninjas LP version
    Wake Up LP version
    Wake Up Instrumental

    Rza, Cappadonna, Method Man - Wu-Wear
    Wu Wear Single Version
    Wu Wear Album Version
    Wu Wear Instrumental
    Get Down for mine single version
    Get Down Album Version
    Get Down Instrumental

    I have a lot not listed. Let me know if your looking for anything special. I have a ton of old RedMan LPs and 12"

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