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Thread: Can't have my mind

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    self contained contaminated animated scrolls none can withhold
    or withstand full metal jacket ambushes on uncle SAM
    spam his programs niggas dying from charges like old rams
    forever like the Wu clan we ruled for centuries until forced off land
    mothers died with babies in hand they died with our plans
    temples raided survivors fought to the death none evacuated
    tombs opened treasures stolen people enslaved with no clothing
    ship sailing in shackles back to back bowels rolling
    we were never free the past cotton picking misery
    sister was gang raped and brutally hung from a tree
    master welcomed me with a whip, and castration
    But i fought with all my strength know hells his destination
    On the run for days stinking for hunger deer, and fowl
    Over my head the Grey clouds as I'm hunted down by white owls
    Uncle tom's gave information to where I'm hiding
    awoke to the sounds of dogs barking and men shouting
    Scouts scouting behind trees rifles pointed at me
    Ran out into a hail of gunfire instead of living this life of misery

    Let's go back to the past doesn't matter if you're white or black
    But if your not down with the devil soon you'll be under attack
    that's why I'm strapped and won't hesitate to clap when it's time
    They can have my body but they'll never control my mind..


    Coming up was crazy hip-hop made me self conscious and aware
    Even then in the hood before crack it was warfare
    Dope addicted veterans shooting up in wheel chairs
    all i could do is stare with a frightful glare
    they fought for the government all they get is a stipend, and welfare
    Cops call them bums he was once a decorated solder know he's shell shocked in the slums
    sleeps with his guns pees on himself but boasts proudly where he comes from
    at night he cries having the same visions of murdered enemies, and allies
    His wife couldn't take the strife so she took the kids out of his life
    he thinks of suicide day after day he gets drunk, and high
    unable to hide feelings of despair he has no more pride
    all the love is gone here sits a man torn
    didn't even see his own babies born we see him mourn
    sitting on his porch singing 'what's going on'
    drinking night train shooting heroine, and cocaine
    but even the drugs cannot render the pain
    he overdosed on purpose found him with a needle stuck in his vein

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    damn yo, shit is militant war vet stories

    peace to JTS, stay up son

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    son did you just drop the illest bomb since the gulf war damn son love the shit out this dart both yall hit me up

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    Damn i'm just reading the comments on this 2 yrs. later wtf!!

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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