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    The Yankees Are Back There No Joke Man There Playing On Another Level Along With Clevland I Wouldnt Be Suprised If The Yanks Take It This Year It Will Be The Sweetest Since The 96 World Series When No One Expected Them To Win. Hopefully I'll Be Chillin Drunk At The Parade.

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    i made a thread saying the yankees sucked like 3 months ago and here they are leading their division. they wont win this year cuz their pitching issues will catch up to them in the playoffs.
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    Yo The Pitchin Is Getting Stronger And Stronger Looks Like Johnsons Gettin Back To Form Moose Is Back Chien Ming Wang Is Nice I Would Take Him Over Alot Of Pitchers Out There Great Poise For A Rookie But After That Wright And Chancon Are Still Question Marks Hopefully They'll Do A Well.

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    I cant believe Redsox were leading and now they behind, what happened?

    Oh well it will make for an interesting race.
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    watch out for the padres

    yankees are flexing big muscle

    matsui - sheffield - rodriguez is the foundation

    torre did a hell of a job this year

    cleveland is nice - my team since i was a youngster
    but they are very young
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