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Thread: Bonds, Dam he good!

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    Default Bonds, Dam he good!

    Yo, at 41 years of age, this monster is the best of the best. Yo I love boxing and baseball, and he is the Ali of Baseball. Dog look at his career stats. LOL fucken amazing.

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    Default Re: Bonds, Dam he good!

    Man He Came Back From That Injury Been Out The Whole Year He Still Doesnt Miss A Beat Dude Comes Back In Like 5 Games Hits 4 Homers He's Defiently Amazing.It's Almost Unexplainable Steriods And All.

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    Default Re: Bonds, Dam he good!

    ^^^ Dog I so agree. He went 3 for 2 yesturday, 1 run ,1 rbi, 2 walks and giants win. LOL fucken amazing. Everytime he is in the line up they win

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    Default Re: Bonds, Dam he good!

    Sorry but I fucking hate Bonds. I want to believe that he didn't take steroids, but he obviously ate steroids for breakfast for years.

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    Default Re: Bonds, Dam he good!

    ^^^ so what about the roids, everybody was on roids in MLB. In the ninetys the playing field was level because everybody was on juice, that nigga is amazing!

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    Default Re: Bonds, Dam he good!

    roids roids roids pirates

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    Default Re: Bonds, Dam he good!

    My Giants are almost out, luckily the Padres suck almost as bad giving the Gigantes a chance

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