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Thread: Carlito's Way....

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    Default Carlito's Way....

    finally picked up this movie and i think that it is a great movie but the ending was kinda shitty though.....where do you think this movie stacks up with movies like scarface, goodfellas, and movies like that???
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    Default Re: Carlito's Way....


    yes this movie should be up there with things like goodfellas and scarface...............i liked the ending even tho it kinda got me mad that he died.....but everything else is perfect...........it is a top 10 on my list

    oh yeah they already came out....with a prequel.....it went str8 to video.i aint seen it yet.....but it got puff addy in it.........and sum stupid kid who shouldnt be playin that role
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    Default Re: Carlito's Way....

    realy good movie i liked the ending...... it had to end some were i loved how that guy cam back at the end and killed him i was looking for that guy to do some thing

    pay backs are a bitch

    also i dont know about the new one wit pdiddy....

    prolly wont pick it up.....it has some og guys in from the first movie

    but thats it

    ill wait for ur opinions on it

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    Default Re: Carlito's Way....

    never knew about the Prequel...

    the thing with Carlitos ending you were on the edge of the seat from the battle in the train station and you hoped you made it getting you excited and when he gets shout dam you feel foolish because it was the begining and you should have realised he never made it even from the start of the movie, i loved how it tricked you all along, it some ways its a better movie then Scarface, its more emotional and you feel for the characters more,

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    Default Re: Carlito's Way....

    I like the movie alot, one of the pacino's best, same kind of feeling like in the scarface
    and I liked sean pean's character as well and yeah the ending thing, a nice one...

    But I like scarface better, music is outstanding in the scarface and pacino shows what he can do
    And it has that "friend turn into enemy thing" which is crazy, not many movies or none
    got this kind of touching power in 'em, but that's my taste


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    Default Re: Carlito's Way....

    any comments on the new one? Carlitos Way was a good flick. The new one? Not sure, I want to check it out, knowing It'll suck, but I still want to check it out. Im guessing no one has or will check it out. So I'll just wait on an opinion on that. Might take awhile, but Im not gonna be the guy who buys the movie just to come back here and say it sucks. I'll wait for another sucker to do that.

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    Default Re: Carlito's Way....

    There's a new one with Poop Daddy, is it trash?

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