I love this album , top 10 of all the wu released.
Its a perfect (world) album , full produced by the best producers of the world!!
That will never happen!!!
Since 2000 , you will never see a album with these 3 producteurs

97 to 99 is a dope period because all the released wu had always wu element

I think , if we talk only about beat ,
Its the same formul for pillage, uncontrolled substznce, ticzl 2000 , sunz , suprem clidntel & killarmy grave diggaz

All track are dope for me but i try to makf a order
1 illusions
2 next up
3 inmates to fire
4 can i see you
5 not promused tomorrow
6 flamming swors
7 collaboration
8 intrllectuzls
9 cold
10 tribulation
11 plan

I hope a new sunz enterily produced by 4 disciple tru and i know bronze is able to make beats like the shall be the first