While looking for more information on hurricane katrina so I can get my own ideas on what actually occured, (everyone has a million and one different opinions on what they believe happened, I'm trying to see all the angles.) I came across this sight.


Scott Stevens is a meteorologist who beleives weather is just not natural anymore. He believes it hasn't been for a long time now, and its the cause of many problems today. He provides adequate research, proof, and sources on all of his claims and theories. Each article has photos, marked with indicators of the abnormalities, with extensive text explaning what is wrong with each one, some are obvious. He also has videos of phenomenal cloud occurances that he claims are "completely unnatural".

Check out this energy vortex.


I have been noticing frequent contrail planes all over the skies which was just explained to me with this article.


I haven't fully explored this sight, but most of the information I read so far is pretty interesting. So far it's a good contribution to my insight as to whats occuring lately.