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Thread: Weather Wars

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    Thanks for the contribution.


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    oh yeah and the freemason part was fabricated by me..but honestly freemasons are pretty wierd...and they have alot of pull
    the corp is old

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    Indeed, but people tend to over exagerate when it comes to free mason pull.

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    i thought id post this in here,,, insytead of cluttering up ktl!

    for background do searches for
    HAARP , scalar and tesla technologys (tesla!! lol that game humans must die.. shit.. they give a lot away in that like majestic useing subliminals to brainwash humans and tesla satellites !! w00t)
    sorry anywho

    copy and pasted article from cloak and dagger

    COPYRIGHT 2005



    Scalar Weather Wars 2
    (Hurricane Rita)
    by: Dr. jur. Stefan Grossmann, German Attorney, Frankfurt
    Thursday 9-22-5 ff.

    For datapage nr. 1 (hurricane Katrina) click here:


    We didn’t think we would need a second datapage in the next ten years, because as CNN reports,


    "Category 5 storms -- which can generate storm surges higher than 18 feet and can cause catastrophic damage to buildings -- are rare. Only three such monsters have made landfall in the United States in the past 70 years, including Andrew in 1992, Camille in 1969 and the unnamed storm that hit the Florida Keys in 1935."

    After the events in


    1969 and


    and the fourth being hurricane Katrina in Aug/early Sept 2005,

    (all separated by 13 years or longer),

    the next such monster, Rita, is barreling in way ahead of time – not 13 years but

    > three weeks <

    We do not fail to notice this sharp spiking surge in event frequency.

    By nature, these monsters used to come seldom and far apart. And now, two of the biggest ones in less than one month? Just at a period when some of the heads of the shadow government are facing exposure and indictment and losing a major war in Iraq? At a period when they are desperate for a seemingly natural diversion to save their necks from the chopping block? Yipes! What a wacky, strange and incomprehensible coincidence! It is so unnatural!

    Rita’s time of occurrence is totally and absolutely unnatural! Rita, like Katrina (see datapage nr. 1) must be a man-made storm, a „HAARPicane“!

    So we thought we wouldn’t need a second datapage so soon, but we were fooled, we openly admit. We hereby apologize to our readers for this oversight.

    We need this second datapage to document Rita, this additional hurricane fraud. Not being meteorologists we rely on the following documentation and research by others, as fraudulent events are unfolding:

    9-22-5: Here are two updates from http://flhurricane.com/ from this morning and yesterday night (CD time):

    7 AM Update
    Hurricane Rita has maintained its intensity overnight but now has dropped to 170MPH winds this morning, The pressure has risen above 900 again, and the storm has found a more northern component to the motion, so tracks have shifted right, to the right side of the Bay near Galveston. And may shift again, either way.

    Regardless anywhere along that part of the coast in the cone needs to prepare.

    Intensity wise with the new track, it stays over the warmer currents for longer, but more shear is forecast in the future, so some weakening is expected before landfall, but when and where are important with that.

    The track has trended north and east of late, and it will be interesting to see if this continues or even reverses.

    11PM Update
    Hurricane Rita remains the 3rd strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic basin by pressure.

    The pressure now sits at 897mb (26.49 in), with maximum sustained winds of 150kt/170-175mph. It is still moving generally westward, with a hint of a northerly component.

    Slight additional strengthening is forecast within the next 12 hours before slow weakening to landfall as a intense category 4 or 5 storm along the central Texas coastline.

    It is currently forecast to landfall just west of Galveston. Hurricane Watches may be upgraded to warnings tomorrow morning for portions of the hurricane watch area.

    Image courtesy SkeetobiteWeather.com

    I found the following quote off the internet,


    which we believe might have been stimulated by the aspect of weather wars:

    Impeach Scumbag Bush NOW! (Score:1)

    By BajaRat on Tuesday September 13, 2005 at 12:52 pm MST (#77170)


    Jorge Bush is crazier than a peach orchard boar, is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, and should have been impeached years ago. The crazier he gets the worse off the American people will be. He’s gotten so bad that the congress ought to remove that SOB and lock him up before he kills anyone else.

    9-23-5: It’s Friday in America’s greatest HAARPicane season ever. Before and after their landfall, HAARPicanes continue to change America’s Gulf coast into a Halliburton theme park.

    Captain Eric May in his 9-21-5 briefing in the Members Archives,

    http://www.cloakanddagger.de described research by his group: The main energy source for >natural< hurricanes is warm water, often a loop current and eddy vortex, in the Gulf of Mexico. This is also described by NASA on their web site,


    Rita Roars Through a Warm Gulf


    Image above: This sea surface height map of the Gulf of Mexico, with the Florida peninsula on the right and the Texas-Mexico Gulf Coast on the left, is based on altimeter data from four satellites including NASA’s Topex/Poseidon and Jason. Red indicates a strong circulation of much warmer waters, which can feed energy to a hurricane. This area stands 35 to 60 centimeters (about 13 to 23 inches) higher than the surrounding waters of the Gulf.

    The actual track of a hurricane is primarily dependent upon steering winds, which are forecasted through the use of atmospheric models. However, the interaction of the hurricane with the upper ocean is the primary source of energy for the storm. Hurricane intensity is therefore greatly affected by the upper ocean temperature structure and can exhibit explosive growth over warm ocean currents and eddies. Eddies are currents of water that run contrary to the direction of the main current.

    According to the forecasted track through the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Rita will continue crossing the warm waters of a Gulf of Mexico circulation feature called the Loop Current and then pass near a warm-water eddy called the Eddy Vortex, located in the north central Gulf, south of Louisiana.

    Image credit: NASA/JPL/University of Colorado (photo ID: PIA06427, date: 09/21, graph added for 09/22 with yellow marker showing hurricane eye location on 09/22 that date at 10 am CDT, sustained wind speeds in MPH)

    Captain Eric May further said that such a strange and suspicious warm water formation was impossible in this given situation. Bless you, Captain Eric May!

    This set me off researching the water temperatures of the Gulf of Mexico and their recorded history. Is Captain Eric May correct? Is this warm water loop and eddy vortex in the Gulf normal or artificial? What do we know about this? Here is an overview:

    CNN filed a counter-argument article to fend off any meaningful analysis of the causes,


    It says little concrete but sets the stage for a specific oceanographic analysis, so I quote the article here in full:

    It’s a ‘New Era’ of Hurricanes

    Experts: String of intense storms is part of normal cycle

    By Ann O’Neill
    Friday, September 23, 2005; Posted: 2:07 p.m. EDT (18:07 GMT)

    (CNN) -- Hurricanes aren’t behaving like many of us are used to them behaving. They’re bigger and meaner, and more numerous than many people have seen.

    Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne tore up parts of Florida last year. After tweaking Florida, Katrina and Rita are wreaking havoc this year along the Gulf Coast from Alabama to Texas.

    But don’t rush to blame it on global warming, experts warn.

    Max Mayfield, director of the National Hurricane Center in Miami, told a Senate subcommittee on Tuesday that we’re in a period of heightened hurricane activity that could last another decade or two. (…)

    "The increased activity since 1995 is due to natural fluctuations (and) cycles of hurricane activity driven by the Atlantic Ocean itself along with the atmosphere above it and not enhanced substantially by global warming," he testified.

    Mayfield’s colleague at the National Hurricane Center, meteorologist Chris Landsea, said two recent studies about global warming and hurricanes raise more questions than they answer. He added that the impact of global warming is "minimal for the foreseeable future."

    Landsea said the studies indicate global warming could increase hurricane wind speeds and rainfall by about 5 percent --100 years from now. But, he added, more study is needed, looking back at historical data and making it more compatible with modern reporting techniques.

    The debate over global warming

    Brenda Ekwurzel, climate scientist of the Union of Concerned Scientist National Climate Education Program, told CNN that while global warming might not be causing hurricanes, it already is making them more intense.

    "We would never point to a single weather event and blame global warming," she said. "While hurricanes have bedeviled the Gulf Coast region for years, global warming is making matters worse."

    Ekwurzel points to recent studies indicating that carbon dioxide is raising ocean temperatures.

    "And those warmer oceans are converting low-grade storms into powerful hurricanes," she said. "In short, the warm oceans are like fuel to a hurricane. It’s like throwing gasoline on a fire."

    But not all hurricane experts are willing to make the link between global warming and hurricanes. At least not yet.

    They say the string of major storms that have struck the southeastern United States over the past two seasons signal a return to normal.

    Return to normal

    "From 1970 to 1995, there weren’t that many hurricanes, and the ones we had were nice, well-mannered, housebroken hurricanes that stayed out to sea and didn’t make a mess," said Hugh Willoughby, a hurricane researcher at Florida International University in Miami.

    "The only thing I can say,“ he added, „is this run of good luck we had is ending."

    "This year you can just say nature is averaging out its climatology," said Colorado State University’s famed hurricane predictor, William Gray. (…)

    Katrina and Rita are what Gray calls "Bahama busters," storms that form off the Bahamas rather than near the coast of Africa. They explode after feeding on the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

    The past century saw 18 "Bahama busters," Gray said.

    Even Katrina’s and Rita’s back-to-back pounding of the Gulf Coast has a precedent. In 1915, Gray said, New Orleans and Houston areas were hit by Category 4 storms six weeks apart.

    "You can’t blame that on global warming," he observed.

    Gray first sounded the alarm in 1995, noting that the surface waters in the north Atlantic Ocean had warmed slightly. 1995 saw 11 hurricanes and eight tropical storms, the highest tally since 1933.

    By 1997, Gray’s annual forecasts warned of „a new era“ of hurricanes.

    He put forth the theory that many climatologists, including Mayfield and Willoughby, now embrace -- that hurricanes are driven by cycles of rising water temperature and salinity that affect the speed of currents in the Atlantic.

    Warm currents drive hurricanes

    The technical name for the engine driving the hurricane cycles is the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, or AMO for short. It can cause droughts in the West and hatch hurricanes in the East.

    "This cycle has been repeating back to the Ice Age," Willoughby said. "It’s related to changes in the ocean currents that move heat northward. If it’s fast, we get a lot of hurricanes."

    Studies show the AMO was cool -- and the currents slower -- from 1900 to 1925, warm from 1926 to 1969, cool from 1970 to 1994 and warm since 1995.

    And so, to a generation of Americans with little experience with hurricanes, it seems like these monsters are coming out of nowhere.

    Gray and Willoughby are among the skeptics who doubt global warming can be blamed for the trend of the past few years. They are joined by the hurricane trackers at the National Hurricane Center.

    "We’re just entering a busy time here.," said Chris Lauer, a meteorologist at the center.

    "You see a few decades of slower activity, followed by a few decades of higher oscillation," he said. "Our position is the recent increase in hurricane activity is not caused by global warming."

    Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, suggested earlier this month that more than nature and coincidence might be driving the storms.

    More study needed

    In the September’s issue of the journal Science, Peter Webster and Judith Curry documented a 60 percent global jump in major hurricanes with winds of 131 mph or more and a 1-degree increase in the tropical ocean surface temperature.

    But Webster warned on Georgia Tech’s Web site that more study was needed before blaming global warming.

    "We need a longer data record of hurricane statistics," he said, "and we need to understand more about the role hurricanes play in regulating the heat balance and circulation in the atmosphere and oceans."

    Willoughby said he is keeping an open mind about the role of global warming but believes it won’t be a factor for at least another 100 years.

    "The answer I give everybody, because it has all been so politicized, is I don’t know," he said.

    Gray was more direct. "There are all these medicine men out there who want to capitalize on general ignorance on this subject," he said.

    "With all the problems in the world, we shouldn’t be dealing with this.“

    Willoughby believes the debate over hurricanes and global warming is healthy. „It’s good for the science,“ he said.

    The piece is cited in full as evidence: It is a thinly veiled admission for those who can read between the lines that something is seriously wrong.

    The University of Colorado at Bolder released on 9-15-5 the following analysis similar to the NASA analysis cited above,


    An image produced by a University of Colorado at Boulder team shows the wind speeds of Hurricane Katrina increasing dramatically as it passes through the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico’s Loop Current toward the Gulf Coast in late August.

    Processed at CU-Boulder’s Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research, or CCAR, the image was produced with data from four satellites that use altimeters to measure sea-surface height to an accuracy of less than one inch. The researchers extrapolated ocean temperatures from subtle height changes in the water measured by altimeters bouncing microwave pulses from the satellites to the ocean surface and back, said aerospace engineering Associate Research Professor Robert Leben of CCAR.

    The sea-surface height image shows the warm Loop Current standing 20 inches to 30 inches higher than the surrounding water, said Leben.

    As Katrina passed over the Loop Current, it gained a huge amount of energy from the unusually warm waters that subsequently increased its maximum winds, said Leben. The storm evolved from a Category 3 hurricane to a Category 5 hurricane in just nine hours by converting heat from the Loop Current into energy, he said.

    "A hurricane is like a steam engine,“ said Leben. "The more heat that is put into it, the faster it is going to run. When I saw the predicted storm track over the Loop Current, I became concerned we might see a doomsday scenario."

    In the Gulf of Mexico, there is a tight correlation between the sea-surface height measured by the satellites and the temperature of the waters, said Leben. "The higher the sea-surface is above the mean, the deeper the warm water underneath it," he said.

    According to CCAR Director George Born, an aerospace engineering professor who works with Leben, the conditions in the Loop Current were unusual. „Ordinarily, the Loop Current does not intrude this far north and west into the Gulf,“ Born said. „If it had not, the storm would not have gained such intensity.“

    The CCAR researchers used data from the U.S./French TOPEX/Poseidon and Jason-1 satellites, as well as the U.S. Navy’s Geosat Follow-On satellite and the European Space Agency’s Envisat satellite. They then combined the data with hurricane wind speed and position data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to produce the unique image, Leben said.

    The Rutgers University has released opposite source information (as far as I can tell, not being a meteorologist but on the other hand not being color blind, either),

    http://marine.rutgers.edu/mrs/sat_data/?bm=8&bd=13&by=2005&sort=date&em=9&ed=23&ey=2005&r egion=gulfmexico&product=sst&nothumbs=0&okb.x=43&o kb.y=11

    Review the large images for August 26 through 31. As a result you will find that hurricane Katrina passed over surface water that has the coldest (purple, blue) markings on the entire temperature scale (73°F - 77°F). The argument of Katrina being heated up by warm surface water is total bullshit. Warm surface water had nothing at all to do with Katrina. There was no warm surface water; it was cold water. – Four examples:

    These are the best available source images. They prove that Katrina passed over exceptionally cold water while it exploded into a category 5 monster hurricane. The contradiction compounded graphics are not based on data but are very likely forgeries.

    In this section we are getting into
    the government/media „data” fraud.

    Thus, Captain May’s counter-counter-argument is correct: the very warm Gulf waters as depicted in fancy government graphics are a 100% concoction and fraud. The truth is devastating: There was not the slightest natural reason for Katrina to explode into a monster.

    I suspect the same is going on for hurricane Rita. Let’s check, using four examples from the Rutgers University page again:

    September 20, 2005:
    Comment: the loop feeder stream between Cuba and Yucatan is:
    purple, blue: coldest water on the temperature scale.

    September 21, 2005:
    Comment: the entire Gulf waters are cold. Parts are covered by the
    hurricane clouds. How could any person or machine measure
    under them without getting destroyed?

    September 22, 2005:

    Hurricane Rita passing over very cold (purple/blue) water,
    Loop current feeder stream is cold, the glimpse through
    the eye shows cold water. See larger pictures online,

    September 23, 2005:

    Hurricane Rita passing over very cold (purple/blue) water.

    Thus, Captain May’s counter-counter-argument is correct: the very warm Gulf waters as depicted in fancy government graphics are a 100% concoction and fraud. The manifest truth is devastating: There was not the slightest natural reason for Rita to explode into a monster. We are witnessing devastating shadow government scalar eco-terrorism (weather wars) on an unprecedented scale



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    Default Re: Weather Wars

    Peace brother, thanks for the contribution I'll look into it later.

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