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    first, track of the night = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0JJK...eature=related

    now let's talk about the age 29. what...the...fuck...is happening? not going into detail but my world has been flipped upside down, inside out, twisted, shaken, bruised and stomped on. it explains my absence around here and you might be saying well you made it online things can't be that bad. well it's a vicious cycle. i will get up the loot for the net then wham priorities take over and i'm offline for months and months on end. if you can think of it, it's happening to me. my childrens' mother COMPLETELY lost any sane thought in her head and has been in and out of a state hospital. bitch walkin around town half naked with 1 flip flop on askin strangers to come home and bake cupcakes with her. she is gone yall (points to temple) and i had no choice but to get custody of my babies and take them out of harms way. now a single father of 3.

    that's only a small teeny tiny fraction of what this age has dumped on me and that alone is some life altering shit.

    so i been thinkin and askin around and it seems mad people i know or have known (passed) had some tragic shit happen at this age. even high profile celebs have passed at this age. am i cracking up? hands down the worst year of my life and i really hope there is some light at the end of these 20s......

    what has been some of you guys hardest age
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    sorry to hear about your ordeal homie, sounds wild.

    I've had rough patches but idk if I can say i've had rough entire years.

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    32-33 has been one hell of an up and down tumultuous ride for me.

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    well around the age 30 you go thru a 2nd puberty. physically metally and emotionally. you are no longer a kid in any sense of the word.

    also your elders are approaching the end of the line. i lost 3 grandparents and a host of relatives in a 5 year span with my last living grandmother living day to day kinda waiting. so loss becomes a reality about this time.

    you also have the full weight of responsibilities and obligations on your shoulders.

    i guess what i'm saying is "welcome to adulthood"

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    A lot of us are adults physically at that age but not mentally, and this is you becoming a warrior/adult. Responsibility and choices will be the norm for the next 20-25 years.
    The thing to not do is let yourself get overwhelmed, and that means looking at the 5 closet people around you, you can have 2 good friends that are beneficial and 3 toxic ones. Friends/people are like food, you are what you eat, ingest, mentally and physically.

    A lot of men are really equivalent mentally to teenagers and they cross the line to adulthood around this age, some in their late 30's even...you know you're a man when you know deep down you are doing whatever is in your capabilities to take care of yours and striving to go beyond.

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