yo ! give it up for one of the illest stoner movies of all time only Mef & Red can pull off.

almost everything about the flick is hilarious. from the plot to the sub-characters lol.. LMAO @ the pigeons exploding and the random hallucinations of Red's moms and Ivory.

Mike Epps was also good and Lark Voorhies was fine as hell.

fucking wack tho that Universal wont finance How High 2 which is causing the project to stall.

Although his 2nd collaboration album with Method Man is coming, "Blackout 2," Redman recently sat down to talk about it's not looking good for a sequal to his 2001 movie "How High," also with Method Man. Although he announced the follow up film two years ago, Redman says that the film is in "zero" stage blaming Universal Pictures for the delay. [watch here]

Redman says that him and Method Man might even have to search for another distributor for the film saying "To all the fans out there How High the movie is supposed to be coming out but Universal was not pushing, they werenít pushing out the money so we might canít call it How High Part 2, and we might can not use the characters," he explained. [watch here] "We canít be Jamal, canít be Silas, Iím gonna have to come up with a whole new weed movie because of Universal."

Don't get it twisted, Redman wants all his fans to know that he's doing his best to get back into movies stating "We are gonna give you a movie donít worry about it. Itís just might not be How High Part 2." [watch here] As far as "Blackout 2," the new album will hit stores on May 19th.
but word just glad we got to see Mef & Red reppin on the big screen with this classic.

discuss. peace.

p.s. LOL @ the short lived Red & Meth sitcom on fox. niggaz @ fox must have been smokin dat shit ! lol..