I CAN`T STAND THE WACKY MUSIC OF THAT MOVIE! only time music got me for a second was in the mountains of bolivia. ok... Al acted great - BUT THAT`S ONLY A MOVIE DOGS! He donīt go to bed with you at the end of the day. Tony is not going to die for ya when it comes to death.. and that moment will come and your state of mind in that moment will be the future of your soul... gettin reborn cause you lived in a dreamworld , full of illusion and temptation OR get home to god to the eternal heavens where thou really be happy and fullfilled..forever!... well you choose for self..i only want to remember yo nino browns ... movies ainīt reality . get your minds right gods... no hating please! iīm talking to the wu brovas as well dips and all the rap acts... i like em all ...so... maybe someone learn from this or think about thei way of living. itīs really not about getting rich or being the best... supreme clientele is about being second and feeling like the first, not carring what others think... pacino stood up after the director yelled "CUT" + he had a stuntman obviously. wu members donīt have a stuntman and YEAH! ol dirty didnīt managed to realise his self. he got killed by drugs and a false way to live! he wanted a better world but he just didnīt knew how to do that, he donīt even knew how to treat himself right... niggas gotta learn how to do that, not how to get rich, on coke, all fucked up... what if you die? how you wanna make it? buy yourself an afterlife? cool... where can one buy that? ...hm.. itīs all about spirituality, the soul and god... ya wu heads know that, but ya forgot... most success wu had was when they made god the center of their life.. you can hear it in their lyrics... ok.. discuss scarface...i really think this belongs into the wu section cause some of the gods watched the big picture to intensive. this goes out to one person for special. get your mind right al capone out the woods.. what up with your old pal robbin brother tuc. you went to the big city to get the goods for yourself and your fams? damn son... thereīs a code of honor and deep inside you know what yaīll supposed to do with all the money and might... give to the poor . yeah. whoops. i never heard that before lol