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Thread: King Tut was black but will be shown...

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    ^Interesting information, and the pictures describe the look of these ethnic groups well....it seems the features havent changed much after all these years, they resemble them well....

    You should conclude what u posted, like a general overview of what this is saying-Peace

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    I don't really have much to say.

    Just wanted to show that the Ancient Kemetians were definitely not similiar to light skinned Europeans in appearance.

    You're right in implying that it's kind of random and could have been put to together in a better way.

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    Default Re: King Tut was black but will be shown...

    Kemetians even referred to themselves as black men/gods (Kemau)

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    National Geographic is owned by Rupert Murdoch so dont beleive anything they tell you

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    Is he a Zionist or something^^^?


    About this:

    Godfrey Higgins:

    Eusebius* states the Ethiopians to have come and settled in Egypt, in the time of Amenophis. According to this account, as well as to the account given by Philostratus,** there was no such country as Ethiopia beyond Egypt until this invasion. According to Eusebius these people came from the river Indus, and planted themselves to the south of Egypt, in the country called from them Ethiopia. The circumstances named by Eusebius that they came from the Indus, at all events, implies that they came from the East, and not from the South, and would induce a person to suspect them as having crossed the Red Sea from Arabia;

    Actually, the Kemetians say that they originally came from the South from Nubia(see Muata Ashby's works), but the Theosophists say(see C.W. Leadbeater's Hidden Life in Freemasonry) that people of the Toltec sub-race of the Aryan root race(of a reddish brown skin tone) came to Kemet from India by way of Arabia, and mixed with the Kushites who had already settled the Nile Valley.....

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    The Kemau were originally sub- Saharan peoples who settled along the Nile. The Kush and Nubian people were also originally sub-Saharan. The lineage can be traced through language and spiritual systems.

    In some depictions the Nubian and Kemau people are depicted as being identical, with others having different characteristics.

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